Grow a new onion plant from onions kept at home

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If you want to grow onions in the garden, then in this way you can cultivate onions in your garden with the onions kept at home.

Onion is a very important part of Indian food. It is used in different ways in food and it is the most important thing included in every week’s vegetable. But there is a big problem with onion that its price increases every other month. In such a situation, what will happen if onions are planted in their own house? Do you know that you can grow onions only from onions kept at home? Today we tell you about the methods of growing onions without seeds.

For this you can use only onions kept at home. It is very easy to grow and at the same time it can be done for a long time.

You will not need to grow onions from seed as long as you have an onion.

How to grow one onion from another onion?

If you want to grow another onion from one onion, then for that you have to choose an onion in which sprouts are growing.

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How to do onion cutting

For cutting onions, choose the root part of the onion. People often make this mistake that they choose the part from where the onion sprouts, but this is not correct. Onion has to be cut about 1 inch from its opposite side i.e. from the side of the roots. Onion of any quality purchased from the market can be grown, just its roots should not be damaged.

Keep the onion to dry

Now you have to keep that chopped onion to dry. The roots should be facing down and the wet part should be facing up. Let it dry until a crust comes in the inner part of the onion. In summer it takes between 12-24 hours.

Now keep the onion sprouting-

There can be two ways of this. The first is that you sprout it directly in the soil. In such a situation, you have to bury it directly in the soil and bury it about 1-2 inches deep. Or you can sprout it first and then plant it in the soil. For this, put four toothpicks in it and it should be in such a shape that the shape of X is formed. After this, with the help of a toothpick, dip it in a glass filled with water. Only the root should be in the water, the rest should be above the water. In this way the onion sprouts quickly.

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Now do onion planting-

When the onion starts growing, you plant it. For this, you can take soil mix purchased from the market or you can prepare soil at home. For this, well drained garden soil and compost mix will suffice. After burying the onion 1-2 inches deep, fill it with soil.

onion planting at home

Keep watering the onion-

Now keep watering it and you have to wait for 90-120 days in it. It requires a little patience, but you can get a lot of benefits with it too. The soil should be moist, but do not leave it completely wet. Onions need a lot of water to stay healthy, but that doesn’t mean you should always keep the soil wet.

Use fertilizer-

Onions grow best in soils that have high nitrogen content. You can apply nitrogen fertilizer directly to the soil and keep using it from time to time. If you see weeds in the meantime, remove them. Fertilizer should be given to onions once every two weeks. You can also use home made nitrogen fertilizer.

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How many plants can get from one onion?

You can get from 1 to 6 plants from an onion, but the way to do this would be to remove them as roots and then you will have to grow them again in the same way.

When the growth of onion is good then you can harvest it. You will surely find more delicious home grown onions. You can do the same way with garlic and green onions.

If you want a bigger onion, take some time to harvest it. You can remove its leaves from above. Onion itself nourishes one layer of each leaf, so if you let it stay for longer and the leaves are healthy, you will get a new onion bigger and more flavourful.

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