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Technology is constantly evolving daily in all fields. Through the digital revolution, our lives are becoming more practical and effective. The Government of India is trying to make the country cash-free. If you’re a vehicle owner, then you’ve been aware of the name FASTag.

It is crucial for you to be aware of the meaning of Fastag in Hindi and how it functions. Since if you go through the gate toll-free without FASTag, you could be required to pay twice the cost or be fined.

The government has utilized FASTags to ease the flow of traffic through the toll gate. In this way, you will not have to carry cash in your wallet nor will you have to go through the toll gates. If you are using FASTags, then the money is automatically deducted from the account you have linked to.

FASTag was also made obligatory on the national highways as of October 19th, 2019. Beginning on 1 December, it will be required to have a FASTag installed in your car or any other vehicle that pays tolls across the nation.

In addition, you could be required to pay twice as much tax. There are numerous questions that confuse people who are not familiar with FASTag. What exactly is FASTag? How do I use it? Why is it necessary, etc? Don’t worry In this article, you will learn about FASTag in greater detail.

FASTag is one of the types of technology for electronic toll collection. It is operated by the government entity that is India, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). It is a system that uses utilizes Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) technologies.

With this technology, you’ll no longer need to carry cash or credit cards when you visit toll-booths. Taxes for tolls are taken directly from your bank account. In this way, you don’t need to park your car in the endless line of booths to pay. The stickers are fixed to the windscreen of your car using RFID chips.

When you are exposed to the toll booth the system is activated, and the toll is charged through your wallet’s digital or bank account.

  • Payment with a simple toll.
  • You’ll be able to be able to get rid of the lobby line tolls. There is no need to park your car in order in order to pay tax.
  • You can also do online recharge.
  • You’ll be aware of the amount you’ve paid via SMS.
  • Validity of the FASTag is expected to be five years.
  • It will also be beneficial to the environment. In addition, paper can be saved.
  • The installation process is time-saving so that you’ll be able to finish your task quickly and get home earlier and enjoy more time with your family.
  • Traffic issues are resolved to a certain degree. Additionally you will not be tired even after driving.
  • A common problem that is observed is the fact that you don’t have any retail cash at the time you need to pay tolls. If you choose to use FASTag, then the money is taken from your account that is connected to FASTag. You do not need separate money.

FASTag where to find , How do I get FASTag

National Highway Authority of India ( NHAI) has granted authorization to 22 banks in India to issue FASTag credit cards to people. The banks have set up more than 28000 points-of-sale terminals all over India together with NHAI plazas as well as common service centres as well as petrol pumps as well as transport hubs.

You can buy FASTag at the toll gate or from banks, through any authorized agency or purchase this tag through Amazon, Flipkart, or Paytm. You can also purchase FASTag via the official application of MyFASTag.

You can access this the link you this link It will show you your closest FASTag Selling Center by clicking on it. Enter your pincode, either by district or state and it will show you the locations of this tag.

You’ll need this document to use this tag.

  • Certificate of registration for vehicles (RC Book)
  • A passport-sized photo that shows the driver of the automobile
  • KYC ( PASSPORT, AADHAR,any document to obtain a driving license and driving license, etc.)

FASTag : how to begin using ,

Once it is installed You will need to enable your FASTag. This is done using the app called MyFASTag. Enter the information provided by you, and then link it to the tag. You can then connect it to the bank account you have. You can then recharge the wallet. The minimum recharge is Rs 100.

If you are a Limited KYC FASTag Holder. This means you can carry out the maximum recharge of 50k in your wallet. If you’re a complete Kyc holder, then you are able to keep up to 1 lakh dollars in the FASTag wallet.

Once you have done this after that, you must place the tag in the car. The tag can be affixed onto the glass of your car from inside. If it’s not damaged. It is not possible to use the same tag sticker on two vehicles which is why you’ll need purchase two tags.

FASTag : how to recharge a card ,

If you’ve linked your FASTag card to either your current or savings one, then there’s no requirement for you to replenish it. In this case all you need to do is make sure that the bank account linked to your FASTag card is in good standing enough to cover the toll tax.

If you’ve connected the card to a prepaid digital wallet, you’ll be required to recharge the card when your balance is exhausted. It is possible to use Digital Wallet with UPI, Debit Card Credit Card, NEFTCan recharge using net banking, for instance.

FASTag recharge is easy by using UPI applications like Paytm as well as Google Pay. Below are the different steps for FASTag recharge via Google Pay or other UPI Apps.

  • Log in on Google Pay Apps and scroll down.
  • You will find a Businesses Icon, click on Explore next to it.
  • Enter FASTag into your search box.
  • Choose the bank that granted the FASTag.
  • Then enter your vehicle’s number or registration number.
  • Then, you can enter the amount of recharge.
  • Complete the payment.

The Balance of FASTag ,

If you enter a toll barrier, cash is automatically deducted from the account that is linked with your FASTag. Then, you will be informed via SMS on your registered mobile the balances are removed from your FASTag, or what balances remain.

It is also possible to check balance by making a missed calls to the toll-free number +91-8884333331. Here are the steps you can follow to check the balance of FASTag in accordance with various types of issuers.

My FASTag AppFor this, you need to be a prepaid user with FASTag as well as your phone number must be registered. Start the MyFASTag App using your Smartphone. You can then see your balance on your prepaid wallet.

Banking Linked FASTagsBanks have an account on their various websites/apps that allows you to check the balance of your FASTag. You log in using your login information on the FASTag login page of the bank that is set by the bank you are with. This will bring you to the page where you can see the details of your account and balance on your FASTag account.

Paytm Linking FASTagUsers with a linked FASTag with Paytm, a prepaid account, Paytm can check balance using the Wallet Apps. Paytm users can visit the Account Balance and History section of the app to view the the balance of their FASTag.

FASTag customer care number

If you’d like to discuss any issue regarding FASTag, you can seek help through the Customer Care Number for this. The number for customer service is listed below to make it easier for you.

FASTag Customer Care Number: 7047959282 ,9163048525

FASTag Frequently asked questions relating to

The FASTag Customer Service Number What does it mean this number?

FASTag Customer Care Number is :- 7047959282 ,9163048525

How long is the valid time that FASTag has?

The validity of the FASTag is 5 years. After purchasing the tag, you only have be doing is to recharge it or top-up the tag according to your requirements.

What amount has to be paid in order to charge FASTag?

If you recharge your FASTag account at your bank first, to do this, you are able to recharge the account with 200 rupees and after that, you can receive the recharge amount from any amount you wish. The maximum limit details are listed in the previous post.

Where do new users purchase their very first FASTag?

You can obtain FASTag using different channels available in Point-of-Sale (POS) at banks, in addition to places to pay tolls on National Highways. More details can be found in the post above.

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