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Childhood and Early Life

Eddie Guerrero was born on 9 October 1967 in El Paso, Texas to Gory Guerrero who was a former professional wrestler and Herlinda. The latter graduated of Thomas Jefferson High School in 1985, and then attended his first University of New Mexico on an athletic scholarship. He soon became involved in the collegiate wrestling.

The siblings Mando, Hector, and Chavo are professional wrestlers, too. He was the father of two sisters: Maria Linda and Maria Linda. Infrequently, Chavo and Eddie would accompany their father on wrestling events and would fight with each with each other during intermissions.


Eddie Guerrero first wrestled as the first Mascara Magica CMLL professional wrestling organization that was based within Mexico City, from 1987 until 1992 when he quit for Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion in Mexico. He and El Santa formed a tag team, and they were referred to for their tag team, the Atomic Pair.

He later joined forces together with Art Barr and they soon became a prominent duo. Paul Heyman of the Extreme Championship Wrestling approached the pair, but Barr died in 1994, before they could join.

Then he began to wrestle at the age of Japan to compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The name was often used to describe him as the Black Tiger’s reincarnation. Black Tiger. The return of the legendary fighter in 1996 was to be successful, as he was able to win the junior heavyweight championship.

He took home his first ECW World Television Championship in his first match in ECW in 1995. Later, he joined World Championship Wrestling. He was an employee for WCW and mostly wrestled alongside Terry Funk under WCW.

Then he started participating in pay-per-view shows and his first appearance was during World War 3, where He competed for World War 3’s WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

He began to win a number of titles starting in 1996, most notably winning the United States Heavyweight Championship. He won this title, beating Scott Norton. He eventually accepted defeat and lost his title in 1997 to Dean Malenko. He then fought for the Cruiserweight Championship and won it in 1997.

The drama intensified to Eddie as his younger brother Chavo joined the Ring. They had a constant fight and were featured in different stories. The family-oriented aspect of the two drew more attention.

In frustration over not being offered the chance to be part of this main celebration, the group founded The Latino World Order (LWO) in 1998. The LWO was a reaction in response to WCW the president’s New World Order.

The LWO typically featured wrestling stars of Mexico who were working with WCW. However this LWO storyline was put on hold after Eddie got injured during a crash. After his return in the year 2000, he started The Filthy Animals along with Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan.

He joined the World Wrestling Federation in 2000 and was soon crowned his first European Championship and his first Intercontinental Championship. The addiction to pain medications began to show up around this time, and he was admitted to rehab. He was later charged with drinking and driving, but was later let go by WWF.

He was a wrestler on an independent tournament from 2001 until 2002, and he took home his first WWA Cruiserweight Championship. He renounced this title when he joined the WWF later on.

He was awarded the second Intercontinental Championship when he returned to WWE in 2002. He quickly began wrestling for SmackDown and also formed Los Guerreros, a tag team Los Guerreros along with Chavo. The pair soon took home their very first WWE Tag Team Championship. His “Latino Heat popularity grew, and fans were eager to witness him ‘cheat, lie, as well as steal’.

In the peak of his career, he had numerous championships and matches between 2004 , and in 2005. Eddie made his mark with his strong presence with the help of numerous titles that included WrestleMania as well as Tag Team Championship.

He beat Brock Lesnar at No Way out in the ring, making him the Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion. He took on Kurt Angle next at WrestleMania XX and won his title.

He was able to defend his WWE title on Judgment Day when he defeated JBL. The match was a smoky affair because Guerrero suffered a bloody nose and was in shock after the match ended. After the match the wrestler collapsed in the arena.

He was defeated by Kurt Angle at SummerSlam. Since he was a partner to Big Show later, Angle often targeted them together with Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak. The Survivor Series Elimination was booked between two teams. Guerrero’s squad consisted of Big Show, John Cena John Cena, Big Show, and Rob Van Dam. They beat Angle’s team.

He was the top candidate for his place in the World Heavyweight Championship and was to take on the title bout against Batista. He was defeated by Batista.

In his final fight, which aired the 11th of November, 2005 the fighter defeated his opponent Mr. Kennedy with his signature moves. A triple threat fight to defend his World Heavyweight Championship was scheduled the day he passed away.

He appears in numerous video games, among including Virtual Pro Wrestling 64, Legends of Wrestling II, and WCW against. The World.

Awards and Achievements

Eddie Guerrero was inducted into the WWE, AA, Wrestling The Observer Newsletter, as well as the Hardcore halls of honor.

He was named the 11th most popular wrestler in history in an WWE poll. Ric Flair Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle along with Shawn Micheals have considered Guerrero as the best professional wrestler.

Personal Life & Legacy

Eddie Guerrero married Vickie Guerrero on April 24, 1990. He was blessed with two children, Shaul Marie, and Sherilyn.

In the the brief breakup from his wife Eddie did have a romance with Tara Mahoney. He has a daughter, Kaylie Marie, who is a result of the relationship. While Eddie had a reconciliation with wife but the couple and Tara maintained their close family.

He passed away on November 13 of 2005, aged of 38 in Minneapolis. He was discovered unconscious in the Hotel room by Chavo who tried CPR. He was declared dead by paramedics after they arrived. The autopsy determined that the cause was acute heart failure as a result of the athero-sclerosis of cardiovascular diseases.