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  • Birth Date: the 5th of October, 1829
  • Died At Age: 57
  • Sun Sign: Libra
  • Also known as: Chester Alan Arthur
  • Born in the United States. Country: United States
  • Birthplace: Fairfield, Vermont, United States
  • The 21st president is a household name of the United States
  • Political philosophy: Republican
  • Spouse/Ex-: Ellen Herndon
  • Father: William Arthur
  • Mother: Malvina Stone
  • Family members: Mary McElroy
  • Died on: November 18, 1886
  • the place where the death occurred: New York, United States
  • U.S. State: Vermont
  • Family Tree: British Americans
  • Reasons for Death Cerebral Hemorrhage
  • Remarkable Alumni State And National Law School, Union College
  • The ideology: Republicans
  • More Information
  • Education: Union College, State and National Law School

What is Chester A. Arthur?

Chester A. Arthur was an American lawyer, and was The 21st President of the United States of America. Chester was the successor to James Garfield, after the Garfield was shot dead. Arthur was known as the man for being outspoken from his early days. At a young age Arthur was a staunch supporter of those policies of the popular ‘Whig’ political party which led him to pursue a career in politics later in life. Arthur as well as some other young supporters from the “Whig” rebelled against those who backed the former president of America, James Polk. Arthur earned the fame as a great lawyer in his time, which ran for more than three years. One of his most notable accomplishments was to bring justice for a woman of color name Elizabeth who was discriminated against by the city of New York. Apart from his skills in administration as a president Arthur was well-known for his style and socializing activities.

Childhood and Early Life

Chester Arthur was the second son of Malvina Stone and William Arthur. The birth date was the 5, 1829 , in North Fairfield, Vermont. His father, Chester was a Baptist preacher with Irish origin, while the mother of his was English descent.

Arthur was a student in his first year from a school in Union Villager near New York. A teacher recalled Arthur for his exuberant personality and his ‘warm the way he spoke’.

Chester Arthur later moved to Union College to pursue his further education. However, he was focused on being part of the extracurricular and political activities in the college instead of focusing on his studying.

Following his graduating, Arthur took up the teaching position at the school in Schaghticoke, United States. Later, he was employed at a different school located near Vermont as teacher. He also completed a master’s law degree while at this school.

After 1853 Arthur moved to New York following his graduation in law at the highly regarded ‘State and the National Law School’. In the beginning, he worked alongside an eminent lawyer, Erastus .D. Culver who was the head of the law firm. Arthur became a major company asset and was later renamed as ‘Culver, Parker as well as Arthur’.


The year was 1854. Arthur was a part of a high-profile case in which he defended Elizabeth Jennings Graham, a teacher from the African-American community. Elizabeth was a black woman, and was discriminated against on an New York state car. Arthur prevailed in this case which led to removal of the lines of streetcars that discriminated against people of color throughout New York City.

In addition to a few other notable American citizen, Arthur also served in the army during the time that of the American civil war. He was appointed an Engineer chief of the military’s staff in the year 1860. Under his leadership many soldiers who came to New York were efficiently housed.

Arthur’s devotion to his Army service allowed him to rise to the top ranks within just a few years. In 1862 Arthur was elevated to the rank of Inspector General, which came to follow by the position of Quartermaster later in the year. The following year, Arthur hung his boots after his military service.

Arthur became a part of his membership in the Republican Party in 1864, as did a fellow known as Thomas Murphy. Arthur had been a defender of Murphy in a court case which led to their partnership. The two ended up in the Conservative department of the Republican Party.

After a failure to become the naval officer for the New York Custom House’ Arthur became successful in 1868 after he was appointed chairman of the New York Republican Executive Committee.

For one year, from 1869 to 1870, Chester Arthur worked as the Counsel for the New York City Tax Commission. Arthur made an annual salary of about $10000 from the position.

The year 1880 was among the most turbulent years in Arthur’s life in the political arena. After much confusion concerning the direction of the Republican Party for the Elections, John .A. Garfield was selected for the position of candidate. Arthur was given the nomination for Vice-President’s post. The Republicans were victorious and Arthur was appointed the Vice-President for the United States.

Following the time that James Garfield was assassinated, Chester Arthur took oath as the president of the United States in 1881. It was also believed that Garfield’s death was a plot conceived through Arthur himself. Arthur was president of the United States from 1881 to 1885.

Major Works

Arthur was acknowledged for his part in the case of Jonathan Lemmon, a slave trader. The allegations were there were eight slaves taken by Lemmon. The appeals were in favor for Arthur and his associates and eventually, all slaves were released.

While he was president, President, Arthur signed the Pendleton Civil Services Reform Act. The act, which was adopted in 1883, enabled anyone to be granted the most important government titles only after passing the entrance exam. The act was considered to be a just means to judge the right candidateand was regarded as one of the most significant accomplishments of the government of the time.

Arthur also introduced better plans to improve the economic conditions of American society, apart from making major changes to the reforms to civil rights of the country.

Personal Life & Legacy

The year was 1856. Arthur began a romantic relationship in 1856 with Ellen Herndon, who was the daughter of an officer in the navy from Virginia. After a courtship lasting three year, Arthur and Ellen got married in the Church in Manhattan in 1859.

Arthur and his wife Arthur family lost their child William at the age of just three. The loss caused them to be devastated for quite several years. They later had two additional kids, Chester Alan Jr, and Ellen both of whom were born in 1864 and 1871.

Arthur was widowed by his wife due to Pneumonia in 1880. He was widowed when he became into the president. His sister Regina served as his guest in his residence at the White House.

There was a rumor that Arthur was very active in his social life. Following his victory in the elections, Arthur had apparently retreated from the old acquaintances from the political circles and had a leisurely time with a the elite of Washington in the United States and New York.

After Arthur was elected president and became ill with kidney problem. After just 18 months of taking his resignation as head of the United States of America, Chester Arthur died on November 18, 1886 because of a Cerebral hemorrhage. Arthur was buried at the Albany Rural Cemetery in New York and with other relatives.

Chester A. Arthur
Chester A. Arthur
Chester A. Arthur
Chester A. Arthur

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Chester A. Arthur Biography, Chester A. Arthur Biography, Chester A. Arthur Biography

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Chester A. Arthur Biography, Chester A. Arthur Biography, Chester A. Arthur Biography

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Chester A. Arthur Biography, Chester A. Arthur Biography, Chester A. Arthur Biography

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Chester A. Arthur Biography, Chester A. Arthur Biography, Chester A. Arthur Biography