Zack Snyder’s involvement with the future of the DC Universe

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It is once again time to talk about Zack Snyder’s involvement with the future of the DC Universe, this time from Zack Snyder’s very good friend, Co-producer and partner Jay Oliva. And he decides to respond to fans demanding that Zack Snyder get brought back. And once they are hoping that all the rumours are true, he says No, WB is not bringing him back. So Jay Oliva has been somebody that’s worked with Zack Snyder all the way since the beginning of his DC EU. Again, he was involved very much from the start and contributed a lot.

He was at the forefront of hoping to restore the Snyder cut and bring him back. And he was kind of on there telling people, yeah, Zack Snyder has these ideas. He has these assets. Look, I’ve worked with him. I’ve done some of the. Part I know about this stuff. Trust me, it exists. We can make it happen. He would constantly talk to fans and, you know, let them know, hey, things are looking better now, reselling. Tons of people have been talking about so much in regards to all this news that Zack Snyder secretly been brought back and all this, and he reveals that no, this is not the case.

He goes on and then says that unless there’s. Financial gain in it, like a clear-cut financial gain. Zach is not coming back and this would only be dependent on the new owners guaranteeing that Zach Snyder can deliver the amount of money that they need now again if they got all the paperwork. They took everything that WB had previously. They know everything. How much money was spent on what? Who spent it, where it went.

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Reminder Batman V Superman was sold as a two billion dollar. Guarantee avengers 1 6 billion who are The Avengers flavor of the week? As Zack Snyder said, Batman and Superman are going to make more. Investors were expecting 2 billion barely made, not even 900 million. Far cry from Mammoth was invested Justice League then went through massive reshuffles because that was supposed to be another two billion dollar hit. Obviously that didn’t happen, any iteration of it. So they would have to listen to Zach Snyder and look at and go, OK, well, can Zack Snyder be brought back and deliver more than any upcoming film is going to deliver? Can Zack Snyder put out a whatever, Justice League 2, for example, that’s going to make more than 1 3 billion or 1 4 billion because it’s got to make more than what they assume internally.

Joker two and Aquaman 2 will make or even flash. So that’s why they’re not bringing him back. They already know what he’s been able to deliver. And they don’t trust.