Yeonjun (yeonjun) biography, facts, career, awards, net worth, and life story

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Yeonjun (yeonjun) was the very first members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (tumoroubaitugedeo) to be revealed. His introduction came through the teaser clip”Introduction Film – What Are You Doing? 1′, which was posted to YouTube in January January, 2019. The teaser images were later made available on various platforms.

What’s Tomorrow X Together

Tomorrow X Together (Korean: tumoroubaitugedeo Japanese toumorobaitougiyaza Tomorrow By Together, stylized TOMORROW X TOGETHER) popularly referred to as TXT (/’ti:-‘eks-‘ti TEE-ekstee) is a group of five members. South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Music. The group is comprised of five members: Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai. [2]

They released their debut on March 4, 2019, with their EP The Dream Chapter: Star. The album debuted and peaked first place at the top of The Gaon Album Chart and Billboard World Albums Chart and was included in the US Billboard 200 at number 140, being the top-charting debut album of any male group in K-Pop. The album’s main track “Crown” came out on top of the World Digital Songs with TXT leading on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart, which makes TXT the fastest group of K-Pop to be featured in World Digital Songs and the second-fastest K-Pop group to be featured in The Billboard Emerging Artist.

The group’s commercial show brought them many artists of the year accolades, including Newcomer of the Year in the 34th Golden Disc Awards and the 2019 Melon Music Awards, New Artist of the Year album at 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards and the Best Male New Artist award in the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards.


Yeonjun was a candidate at Big Hit Entertainment (Big Hit Music) by BTS’s song Boy in Luv. He was successful, and he was an apprentice under Big Hit in 2014. The period of his training of five year (2014-2019) has the longest duration of the Big Hit artists. This is not just for his colleagues fellow TXT members.

Prior to becoming a part of Big Hit, Yeonjun was an employee of Cube Entertainment.

Yeonjun appears in MMA 2014 as backup dancer.


On the 10th of January in 2019, Yeonjun became the first TXT member TXT to be announced.


Shows of music

2019InkigayoSBSThe host is special (Episode 17 March)
M CountdownMnetSpecial Host (Episode 21 March with Soobin)
InkigayoSBSThe host is special (Episode 7 December featuring Soobin)


2021Live OnJTBCKim Jinwoo (Ep.8)Cameo


O = Participates as writing/composer/producer, = Not participated as writing/composer/producer

TXT Diskography


  • Education:
    • Gumi Middle School (Graduated)
    • Bulgok High School (Transferred)
    • Korean Arts High School (Graduated)
    • Global Cyber University (Broadcasting and Entertainment Department)
  • Yeonjun’s CYSM Teaser has now surpassed 1 million viewers on YouTube.
  • Yeonjun became a trending topic in the Music videos. Trending Worldwide The teaser for CYSM featuring Beomgyu on #9, #2 followed by #3, #1, and then #1 and #2, with Beomgyu..
  • Yeonjun’s Teaser CYSM is still the top trending Music Video WORLWIDE.
  • Yeonjun became a trending topic in Videos Trending in South Korea in Yeonjun’s #11 Teaser.
  • Yeonjun’s CYSM Teaser #22 on YouTube Music Videos, Teasers and Lyrics is that are trending wide.
  • Yeonjun’s CYSM Teaser has now surpassed 3 million views YouTube. The first teaser of a member to reach 3 million views.
  • Song Cry” Cover:
    • On April 17, Idol released a remix version of August Alsina’s ” Song Cry” and titled “Yeonjun’s Song Cry,” to SoundCloud. (soompi)
    • About crying The singer wrote on Twitter, “This is one of the songs I really enjoyed when I first started to become an apprentice, and I wanted to sing it and I’m now performing the song in the MOA to the very first time. I’m very happy that with the song being the beginning I’ll be revealing other sides of me in the near future. I hope you enjoy it.” (soompi).
    • Yeonjun altered the song’s lyrics of “they say that a man isn’t meant to weep” to “they claim that a man is expected to be crying”.
    • Yeonjun’s song”Cry” had over 200k streams by the time it was released.
    • 200420 Yeonjun “Song Cry” has now crossed 990,000 streams on SoundCloud. The 3rd most streamed new Track This week. (TXT charts).
    • 200421 Yeonjun’s “Song Cry” track has more than 1 million listens on SoundCloud.
  • The 1 minute and 27 seconds intro video was a viral video on YouTube which grew to 1,000,000 views in just two days.
  • The video that he premiered was Introductory Film What can you do? has the morse code in it. towards the conclusion of the video.
  • His second video, entitled Questioning Film What do you see? showed his animal symbol, which is a larva, along with morse codes of Promise and the symbols of .
  • The TMI of his son says:
    • family: the sole son.
    • charms: monolid.
    • hobbies & specialties: dancing, skate boarding, eating.
    • There is a bump on his left side of his head.
    • Love hip-hop and fashion.
    • Incredulous, he once wept when he read the poem.
    • likes old man jokes.
    • the only one of them who is able to cook. Aglio-Olio is the sole food item.
  • He played the dog’s sounds during the race Cat & Dog. [2]
  • When he was auditioning for Big Hit The singer performed and danced to his own lyrics. He was asked to perform even although this was only his second experience. [3]
  • He released his Spotify playlist was made available on March 19, 2019. [4]
  • The first time he was officially announced.
  • He is the eldest member.
  • The name of his solo fandom has been changed to MOAWAJJUNIE (fansign )
  • He was an ex- Cube student.
  • He was trending all over the world in the very first 10 mins of his being announced.
  • He filmed a commercial for the brand Ramen.
  • He was 1st in singing, dance and rap as a trainee.
  • He is often referred to as the ‘it girl of the fourth generation of k-pop’.
  • He is able to speak English.
  • The fruits he loves the most are apples and bananas.
  • The character he loves the most is Doraemon.
  • He really enjoys Mint Chocolate.
  • He designed the TXT hand symbol/gesture (Soompi).
  • He claimed to have been in training for five years.
  • He began to lose weight because he is concerned that his cheeks have become more chubbier. He also mentioned that he used take food from other members as well, but now he is able to control the food he eats (Community site).
  • He regretted not using that “bang Bang” more often in the teaser, so he posted the “bang bang” via Twitter in place (Community Website).
  • He was also in San E and the Rainia’s “A Midsummer Night’s sweetness” back in MMA 2014.
  • Yeonjun once ate kimbap hot Rice cakes, noodles cold and even pork with rice on his own (Community Website).
  • There is a billboard advertisement on his life.
  • His upper body is taken out of bed and his lower one is asleep every morning he gets awake (V-LIVE).
  • Based on Withbill Dance Studio (Yeonjun’s former dance school) He also was the first person to audition for WH Entertainment.
  • His most beloved animals is Welsh Corgi dogs and pandas (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
  • He is a fashion-forward persona (TALK Today X Ep.1).
  • He’s a good player (TALK Today X Ep.1).
  • He has broad shoulders (TALK A DAY TODAY Ep.1).
  • He went to school in the elementary grades at the time in America (TALK A X TODAY Ep.2. ).
  • He is able to use a S-board (TALK Today Ep.2. ).
  • He loves J Cole (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
  • He is a fan of the film “The Intern” (Fansign 150319).
  • He was within the U.S for two years after when he was nine years old (Fansign 150319).
  • He is a player in Overwatch as his character Reaper (Fansign 150319).
  • He is a fan of soju, beer and a mix between each (Fansign 150319).
  • He thinks of himself as puppy (Fansign 150319).
  • He is fond of corgi dogs from the UK. (Fansign 150319).
  • His top colours are blue (Fansign 150319) and blue (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
  • He is a fan of Chopper in the anime One Piece (Fansign 150319).
  • He loves the most stylish and distinctive clothing (Fansign 150319).
  • His tolerance to alcohol is between 2 and 2.5 glasses (Fansign 150319).
  • He is Taehyun listed in the form of “TXT’s Taehyun” in his phone (After School Club).
  • Soobin and Soobin have the lowest bunks (After School Club).
  • One of his top songs is “Eternal Sunshine” (After school club).
  • The first thing he purchased at a store in the convience section is Ramen (TXT, the kk DANCE ( KK DANCE)).
  • His most-loved fruit is Apple (Fansign).
  • If he were a woman she would be his girlfriend Beomgyu because he’s gorgeous and makes him feel happy.
  • He isn’t exhausted when he thinks about the fans. They give him an energy boost.