Yella Beezy’s past legal troubles, Rapper Arrested Again

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Yella Beezy, 30, rapper, also known as Markies Deandre Conway, was arrested on Thursday on a 2021 sexual assault charge, according to online prison records. Beezy was arrested by the Collin County Sheriff’s Office just one day after a judge issued an arrest warrant for him.

The warrant for the warrant was “inadequately held bond”, meaning the judge in the case ruled that the rapper’s previous bail was insufficient. Its bond is currently set at $1 million.

Six months ago he was arrested for various crimes. It includes sexual assault and abandoning or endangering a child. He was also accused of illegally carrying a gun, which is a misdemeanor.

Yella Beezy was released on $57,500 bail following her arrest.

Yella Beezy

Details of Yella Beezy’s arrest

A few days later, an unnamed woman revealed new details about the case, claiming that Beezy had raped her on a date. After the allegations, Beezy defended himself on social media. He said he was arrested without further questioning. He was aware of everything that was going on. But the allegations were false. “Anyone who knows me knows that I am not pressured for sex or anything like that. I am not a fighter.”

In response to accusations of endangering children, she stated that everyone knew she would never harm or endanger their children. Stating that he would die for them, he said, “So for those who don’t understand, putting children in danger has nothing to do with sex. It was something that happened when they came and arrested me.

Yella Beezy’s legal background

According to reports, this is the third time Beezy has been arrested this year. He was arrested in February on misdemeanor charges for carrying illegal weapons after police stopped a traffic and found five firearms in his SUV, according to the Dallas Morning News.

According to the newspaper, this case is still ongoing. Yella Beezy was also arrested in August on drug and weapons charges. According to the newspaper, it is unclear whether the case is still ongoing.

According to CBS Dallas, Beezy was hit multiple times in 2018 while driving on the Sam Rayburn Tollway in Lewisville. More than a dozen shots were fired and Beezy was hospitalized, according to police.

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Yella Beezy's past legal troubles, Rapper Arrested AgainYella Beezys past legal troubles Rapper Arrested Again Yella Beezy's past legal troubles, Rapper Arrested Again

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