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Hello, all web series fans, your patience will finally run out as your favorite and eagerly awaited “Wrong Turn” drama is getting ready to be screened on ULLU. What you’ve all been waiting for is just a few minutes left on the air so be ready to get it on the right schedule and you’ll get your favourite. However, first of all, you need to get basic information such as release date and time, spoilers, review, preview, star cast.

wrong return ullu app web series

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The makers are releasing “Wrong Turn” at ULLU Officials on May 24, 2022, so be ready and tune in to your television or mobile screen as you get your subscription as everything is paid there. In the midst of all this, several speculations arise while claiming it is more intense than previous series, as all the characters follow the mysterious story and the rage of unpredictable activities. In short, the story will definitely live up to your expectation as you can take a look at the promo as the makers have already dropped it. Because so far, it has reached countless views with the reaction of its fans.

When we talk about the story, it revolves around a newlywed couple who looks forward to make their fantasy life amazing, but due to some internal issues of a man, his wife is not satisfied despite her many attempts. In short, her fantasy life is completely ruined as her husband is not fit to fulfill all her wishes. Therefore, she looks for someone who can make her feel superior while getting close to her, and eventually finds a neighbor sitting next to her. As he sees her getting close to a girl, he aims to get her as soon as possible because of her charm and what he wants.

False Turn Star

  • Paromita Dey
  • Lakshay Inn

So get ready to introduce yourself to such a sizzling and fantasy-rich series that is about to invade your TV and mobile screens. But before all that, you should be willing to keep your app subscription, as it’s only on hold for a few minutes on the air. Once you get access, you can also watch all the series that have already been released by the producers. So don’t forget to post on ULLU on the right schedule and stay tuned for more details.