Why should we not use copper utensils in summer?

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If you also use copper a lot during the summer, then keep in mind that doing this can prove to be bad for you too.

Many problems trouble us during the summer season. During summer the body temperature is very hot anyway and due to this, digestive issues always happen. During this, we should take great care of food and drink and try to keep the body cool. But have you ever tried to know why it is forbidden to eat and drink in copper utensils in summer?

Most of the people advise that it is not right to eat and drink in copper utensils. But you should also know why it does not happen.

We spoke to Shikha Agarwal Sharma, Celebrity International Dietitian and Nutritionist at Fat to Slim Group and tried to know why eating in copper utensils is not a good idea during summers. He told us in detail what is the reason for this and what malfunctions can happen in the body from it.

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Why is it bad to cook food in copper utensils?

If we talk about copper utensils, then you can still take water in it, but cooking food in it can be very bad. The reason for this is that sometimes due to this the amount of copper in the food increases and it causes many side effects in the body. (How to remove zinc deficiency in the body)


  • hemorrhage
  • loss of appetite
  • body heat
  • get diarrhea
  • get bloating

What should not be taken in a copper vessel?

According to Shikha Aggarwal Sharma, milk and sour things should not be used in copper utensils at all in summer. This is because they cause an acidic reaction. Sometimes it causes the milk to burst and spoil the sour things. In this case, your body also gets harmed.

If such things are taken in a copper vessel in summer, then these problems can occur in the body-

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • having bloating
copper in summer

Food made in copper utensils is not at all safe for children

Both cooking and eating in copper utensils is not safe for children during the summer season. In such a situation, children are not able to remain active throughout the day and they may also have problems of dizziness. During summer, you should take special care that in this way children should be kept away from copper utensils.

summer and copper utensils

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Is it bad to drink water in a copper glass?

The effect of copper is hot and in such a situation it can have more effect in the summer days, but as far as drinking water is concerned, there is no problem in it. But still, do not drink water all the time only from a copper glass. If you drink water in the morning in a copper glass at night, then it is fine, but if you drink water only from copper all the time, then avoid it a little during summer.

Like copper, cooking in aluminum utensils can be very bad, but these are the utensils used the most. If you also think that you are making such a mistake during the summer days, then avoid it. This weather is also very hot and bad in which it is very important to pay attention to health.

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