Why Ratan Tata kept getting married, know the real reason

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Why is the country’s well-known industrialist Ratan Tata still single? Let us know what is the reason for this.

India’s industrialist Ratan Tata is known not only in his country but also abroad. The world takes his name with great respect. There is not one but many reasons for this. Ratan Tata is also famous for improving the economic condition of the country and helping people. Tata is an inspiration to millions.

But do you know about his love life? Do you know why he is single till date? Why didn’t he get married? Had they never been in love? Such questions must have come in your mind also. So today in this article we will tell you why Ratan Tata did not set up his house.

India-China war became a hindrance in marriage

Ratan Tata had earlier studied mechanical engineering, but at the behest of his grandmother, he thought of going to the architecture field. For this reason, he got a job in Los Angeles. That’s why he fell in love with a girl. He had a very good time in Los Angeles for about 2 years. The weather there was pleasant, he had his own car. Also he had a job of his choice.

Everything was going well between the two. But suddenly his grandmother’s health had deteriorated and he had not met her for seven years. In such a situation, he decided to go to India for some time. Ratan Tata thought that the woman he loved would move to India with him.

Then both of them will get married. But his wish of marriage remained unfulfilled. He got away from his companion. Because the Indo-China war broke out in 1962. Due to which the father of Tata’s girlfriend refused to marry and the relationship broke up.

Ratan Tata fell in love four times

It can be said that love and Ratan Tata never got along. Because he fell in love not once but four times in his life. All four of their relationships were very serious. But it is said that something else was not allowed to happen. Always the matter was broken till the marriage came.

During the interview, when asked why he never married, Tata replied that every time was different. But when I look at the people involved, I don’t mind. She further said that I think it would have been more complicated if there was a marriage.

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Simi Garewal and Ratan Tata’s relationship

Simi Garewal is an Indian actress, director and producer. She has always been the subject of discussion about her life. This is from the year 2011, when Simmi Garewal asked a question about Ratan Tata and their relationship in an interview with Times of India. To which Simmi Gerwal said that Ratan Tata and I have come a long way. He is perfect, he has a good sense of humour. He is a very humble person. Money was never his driving force.

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Such was the childhood of Tata

Tata told that his childhood was very good. But as both of us brothers grew up, we had to become victims of ragging by people. The reason for this was the divorce of his parents. Because divorce was a big issue at that time. But his grandmother taught him to fight these things. Told him how he can move forward in his life.

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