Why did Dane Cook hate kissing Kate Hudson?

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Why did Dane Cook hate kissing Kate Hudson?

For some time in the 2000s, you couldn’t pass a movie theater without seeing Kate Hudson smiling brightly next to a piece of Hollywood on a new romantic comedy poster. It was the golden age of girl movies and the blonde beauty queen, starring in hit movies like ‘Alex and Emma’, ‘Divorce’ and the iconic ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’.

While the sexiness of rom-coms can range from “cute but docile” to “don’t watch with your parents”, they all involve a lot of kissing. And Hudson has been on the lips of everyone from John Corbett to Luke Wilson to Romain Duris. Hey, Matthew McConaughey even got a chance to kiss her twice! So with all that practice you’d think Hudson would make a great kisser, right? Not for one of her co-stars! Read what he has to say about his goddamn skills below.

Why wasn’t Dane Cook a fan of kissing Kate Hudson?

While kissing Kate Hudson at work is considered a dream workday for most people, Dane Cook would rather have a sick day. Switching from acting to comedy, the actor co-starred with Hudson in the 2008 romantic comedy “My Best Friend’s Girl,” in which his character struggles for his love for Jason Biggs. But apparently, she willingly handed over her real-life kissing privileges to Biggs.

Appearing on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Cook featured in the often risky “Fifth Defense” episode, where celebrities can choose to answer potentially embarrassing questions or exercise their constitutional right to remain silent. But Cook was quick to name Hudson when asked who his worst on-screen kiss was: “I think he deliberately ate an onion feast just before the scene,” he claimed, according to ABC News.

So did Hudson respond to the ‘Good Luck Chuck’ actor’s allegations? Do you have a special recipe for this onion feast? Keep reading to find out!

What did Kate Hudson say about kissing her co-stars?

Why did Dane Cook hate kissing Kate Hudson?

Kate Hudson has remained dignified in the face of Dane Cook’s complaints about her supposedly hateful breath. Considering her other comments in the interview, perhaps we should take her comments on Hudson with a grain of salt, like quoting the “stupidest” thing her fellow ex-co-star and ex-friend Jessica Simpson (via The Hollywood Reporter) has said. Salt. .

While Hudson hasn’t commented on her “Employee of the Month” co-star’s allegations, she has been gossiping about the kisses. Speaking to romantic comedy star Gwyneth Paltrow on the Goop podcast (via BuzzFeed), Hudson said that Matthew McConaughey’s kisses in “Fool’s Gold” were less passionate than they sounded. “I mean, it’s like something’s going on and there’s snot or wind,” she laughed. “…we are in the ocean, like the plane has crashed, you have snot all over your face.” Whether onions are involved remains a mystery.