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The year 1974 was the time she relocated to California and then resided in several cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. It was during this period she perfected her acting skills and honed her talents as a stand-up comedy performer.

Her first exposure to fame was as a stand-up comedian Mos Mabley on the one-woman show. She was awarded an award for that.

Then the actress returned back to New York and started receiving instruction from acting trainer Uta Hagen. Her first screen appearance was for William Farley’s film “Citizen: I’m not losing My Mind, I’m Just Giving It Up’

The year 1983 was the time she developed and starred in the all-woman show “The Spook Show’. The show tackled race and racism in American however in a distinctive and original fashion. The show was well-loved by the viewers.

After the success of “The Spook Show’, she produced other productions off Broadway like ‘Little Girl Afro-American kid obsessed with having blonde hair, and ‘Fontaine’ an addict who holds an advanced degree in literature.

The unique presentation and style and wit in her performances inspired Director Mike Nicholas who offered to bring ‘The Spook Show’ to Broadway. The show, which was on stage for 156 shows, received a lot of praise both critically and commercially. It was able to win her the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

The captivating performance and the favorable reception to the show attracted the notice from Hollywood bigwigs. This helped her secure an appearance for The Color Purple, a Steven Spielberg film, ‘The Color Purple’ that debuted in 1985. The film received a roaring success, bagging eleven Academy Awards nominations and her first Golden Globe award.

The Color Purple was the major breakthrough and launched the career of actress in a spectacular way. The film was followed by two other movies like ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, ‘Burglar “Fatal Beauty,” and The Telephone. Although all of them were not wildly profitable, none did as well as her first venture.

The decade of the 1980s came to an end with the release of ‘Clara’s Heart’ in 1988 and ‘Homer and Eddie in 1989. Both were critically acclaimed. In addition to her films, she was also a guest on HBO shows of Comic Relief.

She began her 1990s by appearing in the sitcom “Bagdad Café”. Then, she followed it up with ‘The Long Way Home as well as Ghost. In the former, she played the role of women in the civil rights movements while in the latter, the actress played psychic the role that earned her the first Academy Award and second Golden Globe.

Then she followed it with films like “Soapdish,” “The Players”, ‘Sister Act” and ‘Sarafina! “Made in America” and its sequel”Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit’. The actress was also featured as Guinan in the Star Trek movie ‘Star Trek the Next Generation’. A character played in 2 Star Trek movies.

In addition to her roles in movies, she made her debut on the air with her renowned talk show”The Whoopi Goldberg Show’. The format featured her in one-on-one interviews with prominent politicians as well as Hollywood stars. The show ran for 200 shows before it was removed.

She made history when she became the first female of African descent who hosted for the Academy Awards show. The feat was repeated in 1999, 1996 and 2002.

At this point she appeared in various films like “Corrina,” Corrina”, ‘Boys on the Side”, ‘Moonlight “Valentino,” “Bogus” and ‘Eddie’. She also appeared in “The Associate” and “Ghosts of Mississippi’

In addition to acting as well, she also ventured into the world of books . She co-authored a book together and ghost writer Daniel Paisner titled, ‘Book’. It was a collection stories that included thoughts and insights.

The 1998 appearance she made on the show with celebrity contestants, Hollywood Squares earned her two consecutive Emmy Awards.

From 1998 to 2001 she played a variety of support roles on “How Stella got Her Groove Back’ “Girl,” “Interrupted,” The Kingdom Come, ‘Interrupted and ‘Rat Race’. She also appeared in films and television shows like ‘The Magic Bus”, ‘Cinderella “A Knight in Camelot and ‘Call me Claus’

The year was 2004, and she came back to Broadway for her own one-woman show.

Her career exploded in 2007, when she took over as moderator and co-host on the daytime talk show The View. Although the show didn’t get off to as strong a start like it did during the reign of Rosie O’Donnell, it soon took off and surpassed the former.

In addition, from the month of August 2006 through February 2008 Goldberg host “Wake Up With Whoopi” the nationally syndicated morning talk show on the radio and an entertainment program. In recent times she has cut back on her acting career and has been an avid human rights advocate.

Recently, she appeared as Jane Marsh in the TV series “The Middle”. She also starred in the short film of an independent filmmaker “Indecisive”.