Who Was Sangeeta? Missing Haryanvi Singer Found Dead in Rohtak

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A horrific setback took place when a woman’s body was found buried near the roadside in Haryana. The case soon caught the attention of local law enforcement and citizens. The investigation team determined that the deceased was Sangeeta, the famous singer of Haryanvi. It was later learned that Sangeeta had disappeared a few weeks ago and that her home had been reported missing, and the police officers started the investigation. News of his disappearance spread all over the internet and netizens began their own search. Find out more about who Sangeeta Haryanvi Singer is found dead.

According to the latest news put forward by some media outlets, the police officer pursued the suspects after finding the body. However, it did not take long for the investigation team to detain the criminals who were determined to be Anıl and Ravi. She was one of the fastest rising stars in the state. His popularity gradually began to rise and he became very successful in his career. The devastated body of the singer was found near the treacherous village of Bhairon. A fir was handed over and both suspects were apprehended by police officers.

Missing Haryanvi Singer Sangeeta Found Dead

The singer is said to have disappeared on May 11, last seen in Delhi. As we mentioned above, the police suspect two people, Anıl and Ravi. Both criminals belonged to Meham, Haryana. Following the investigation, a report was released stating that both suspects admitted to planning the murder of Sangeeta. They also revealed that they contacted the singer on the pretext of producing a song show and then killed her.

The singer’s body was sent to Rohtak PGI for autopsy. The police official also revealed that the singer drowned for an important reason that cost him his life. All of Haryana is in shock after learning of this terrible setback. The investigation team is trying to gather evidence and link other people to the murder. As of now, the main defendant has not announced any other names.

Apart from that, all the important personalities of the state of Haryana express their sorrow for this sad event. Fans pour their tribute and share their deep condolences with family members. We hope that God will give all family members the strength and courage to bear this loss. May the pure soul rest in peace.