Who is Kavitha Reddy? Karnataka Congress Secretary General Asks Why The Party Is Ignoring Women

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Nowadays, countless debates are circulating rapidly on social media and these topics continue to be hot debates among everyone almost all the time. Something similar emerges when Congress Leader Kavitha Reddy shared the statement she asked “Why Do Party Women Ignore” on social media, and as soon as this statement started to circulate without being counted on social networking sites, the reactions started to arouse great repercussions. Various points of view are shared by people, as several favor him and at the same time a few are against him. Below you can get the comprehensive details along with some shocking facts.

According to special reports or sources, this is why the party ignored the woman when congress leader Kavitha Reddy posted a video on social networking sites. As soon as his expression caught the heat, countless reactions began to emerge, causing a heavy flood of reactions. Because somewhere, his question is worth and has a point to be asked, and therefore, his statement extinguishes the fire as there is no answer yet, and this continues to be a hot debate, especially among everyone who is regularly on social networking sites. .

Who is Kavitha Reddy?

Kavitha Reddy is reportedly a native of Anekal Talik and has a political background. She was honored with the Nadaprabhu Kemplgowda award in 2017. Alongside this, he served as CP of IndiaLife Hewitt and later co-founded VP of TeamLease Services, commonly known as Staffing Company she. She describes herself as a sports enthusiast due to her interest in cycling, running and mountaineering as well as being a popular and well-known politician. Hence, her fan base is hitting the bricks on social networking sites because of her achievements.

On top of all this, it’s not the first time he’s been making headlines with an agonist expression, as he was before, but it’s also garnered a lot of attention. That’s why we’ve talked about such details here that are derived from other important sources, and as such, quite a few are still awaiting release. So you will have to wait a little further ahead. As everything is left to him and therefore as long as he does something we cannot ask for more details. That’s why we’ll definitely make you familiar when something comes up, so stay tuned.