Who can forget 2021?

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2021: the year in which New York gave the Luv Gov a slap in the direction of a cargo ship that stopped trade across the globe tragically, a tragedy hit a beach town located in Florida.

This, and much more, is part of the Fox Nation’s “Who Can Forget 2021,” that lays out the most thrilling, outrageous and harrowing celestial, sad, enthralling interesting, and intriguing stories of the last year.


Comedy legend Jimmy Failla dubbed 2021 the year of the “space race,” but it wasn’t the race among both the United States and Russia that took over this century. But 2021 was one of those years of the space race with billionaires in which Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos all raced to launch space missions for civilians.

While a billionaire space race could be arouse the interest of a few, Fox News Radio host Guy Benson said his favorite phrase for 2021 was “former Gov. Andrew Cuomo,” refers to the scandalous New York governor who resigned due to accusations of sexual harassment.

In a stunning descent from grace the former governor was able to go from receiving the Emmy Award for his COVID press conferences, to revelations of his undercounting the number of deaths in nursing homes in the state, made orders that helped expansion of the disease and was accused of sexually harassing employees who were not his.

Fox News chief meteorologist Janice Dean stated that the story was very personal to her since her husband’s parents died from COVID at the same New York nursing home.

On the opposite side of the globe the world came together by the cargo vessel Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal.


“It was a disaster, it was a catastrophe, but for some reason, it was still funny,” said Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich.

Ever Given Ever Given blocked hundreds of vessels from crossing this Suez Canal, halting millions of dollars worth of trade every minute.


While the world was able to find some humor in The Ever Given, many stories from 2021 were tragic for instance, when a condo in Florida fell down, killing more than 100 people.

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