Whether to apply body wash on face or not, know from expert

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How good is it to apply body wash on the face? Learn from the experts.

We all use body wash while bathing to pamper our skin. It removes the dirt present in the body and makes you feel refreshed. It is generally seen that people prefer to use body wash instead of soap. Not only this, some people even apply body wash on the face during the shower.

Since the face is also a part of the body and body wash is made for the whole body, so you may not see any harm in applying it on the face. But there is a big difference between face skin and body skin. In such a situation, before applying body wash on the face, you should know how right it is for your face. Also, if you apply it on the face, then what can be the harm to you. So in this article today, RVMUA Academy’s founder, celebrity makeup artist and skin care expert Riya Vashisht is telling you whether body wash should be used on the face or not-

Do not apply face body wash

Usually people also apply body wash on the face, but it is generally advised not to do so. Actually, there are some chemicals in body wash, which can be harsh on your face skin. It also makes your skin dry and lifeless. So let us now know why it should not be applied on the face.

Moisture is less

body wash should be applied on skin

Generally, the moisture level in the body wash available in the market is low. Due to which if it is applied on the face skin, it makes the skin very dry. Whereas, face washes are specially formulated for facial skin, due to which the moisture content in them is slightly higher.

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Not according to face skin type

Body Wash Should Be Apply On Face Or Not

While washing the face, it is generally recommended to use products keeping in mind the skin type and hence body wash should not be applied on the skin. In such a situation, using face wash is considered a much better solution. You get many varieties in the face wash available in the market and in this way you can select it according to your face type.

Body wash takes away natural oil

We all have natural oils in our skin. But when body washes are applied on the face, they also take away the natural oils from the face. Due to which the skin becomes very dry and wrinkles and fine lines etc. Not only this, when the dryness of the skin increases, the skin produces more oil, due to which you may have to face many problems related to the skin.

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Scrubs can cause problems

body wash should be applied on face

Sometimes body washes also contain scrubs and in such a situation, if face wash is used with it, then it can cause problems to your skin. Especially, if your skin is sensitive, then you may also have to face redness, itching. Not only this, body wash can open the pores of your face, due to which external dirt will go directly to the inner layer of your skin and cause trouble.

If you apply body wash

If you have run out of face wash or cleanser and you ever have to use body wash, then pay special attention to moisturize your skin well. For this, you apply a double layer of moisturizer and leave it like this for some time.

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