What is Whatsapp business? Kaise use care? Account kaise banaye?? Fayde kya hai

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friends today we What is Whatsapp business?? How to use? How to create a WhatsApp business account and what are its benefits, all this information is going to tell you in this article. Friends, by the way, WhatsApp is used by everyone for chatting, status and photo or video sharing.

But WhatsApp which is a product of Facebook, due to which we are always connected with our family group and our friends. But if you are a business man then it becomes difficult to handle your family, friends and business on a single app.

Keeping this problem in mind, Facebook launched the Business WhatsApp app. As you would know from the name itself, the purpose behind making this app is to promote business and make communication easier for the user with the customer.

Let us tell you that the logo of this WhatsApp business app has also been changed slightly in which you will see a B sign. It is absolutely free and user friendly, it has many more features than normal WhatsApp which will help you to grow your business.

So friends, if you do digital marketing or you have a small or big business? If you run a website, then you must use this app. If you also want to know the features of this app and how it is used and how to download it, then read this article completely.

Whatsapp business kya hai – What is WhatsApp business?

Friends, WhatsApp Business App is the same social media sharing app as WhatsApp but it was created to connect with the people in the business, in which many new features have been added.

Actually friends, people often want to keep their personal life and business separate, so many times they use two WhatsApp or two phones, in which one of their contacts is for their family, friends or relatives and the other for business, clients or office. it happens.

That’s why now WhatsApp has come up with a new product. Which is special. Can also help medium and large businesses provide customer support and deliver important information to customers.

WhatsApp Business is a free downloadable app that was built with the small business owner in mind. A catalog can also be created to showcase your products and services. The same users can easily connect with their customers by using tools to automate, sort and respond to messages quickly.

Launched on July 9, 2018, more than 100 million people have downloaded this app so far, its rating is also 4.2, so you can guess how big a marketing platform and popular it is. By downloading this app, you can You can also put your company name and company website.

So come friends, now we know how to download it and how to create an account on it. Before that let me tell you this app can be used by both Android user and Apple user.

Whatsapp Business Account Kaise Banaye – How To Create Whatsapp Business Account?

To create a business account on WhatsApp, you have to follow the steps given below. It is very easy :-

Step 1: – First of all, you have to enter whatsapp business by going to Apple or Google play store of your phone and you have to download and install this app as seen in the image.

what is whatsapp business

Step 2:- After downloading, you have to click on Open then click on Agree and Continue.

Step 3: – Now you will be asked your phone number for verification. Friends, let me tell you here if you already have an account on WhatsApp, then do not put that number here. Here you should have a unique number because if you use the same number for both, then this business app will not work properly. Now you have to enter the number and click on Next.

Step 4 :- Here a 6 digit OTP will come on your register number which you have to enter here.

Step 5: – Now you have to write whatever is the name of your business. Friends, now your business account has been opened. But there is still a little process left because if you want to create a good and attractive business account, then for that your profile must be good so that your clients feel that you are really providing a great service.

Step 6 :- Come on, now as you will see three dots in the upper right corner, you have to go to the setting by clicking on it.

Watsapp pr buisiness account kaise create kare
Watsapp pr buisiness account kaise create kare

Step 7 :- As soon as you go to the setting, you will see the profile setting above on which you have to click.

Step 8 :- After clicking you have to upload your profile picture. Which suits your business. After that you have to enter your address and select the category like beauty, food, finance, digital marketing, education etc.

Step 9 :- Now your business email address and if you have any website then you can put it here. Now click on Save.

Whatsapp business app kaise use kare – How to use whatsapp business

Friends, now your business profile is completely ready. But now its special things are yet to be used for which you have opened this account. So let’s see that too.

Statistics :-When you come out after completing your profile, you have to go to the business setting again and click on the statistics. Friends, if you send a message to many people at once, then you can come here and know how many messages have been successfully sent so far. Delivered through, how many messages did you get reply or how many people saw your message.

Auto Message :- Now you have to go to Business Settings again and select Away Message or Greeting Message. In which you get the feature of Automated Messages.

Yes, friends, when you turn on Away Message or Greeting Message, then if someone comes to your profile and messages you. So the message written in it will automatically be sent to the user who texted you. But let me tell you, it is mandatory to have an internet connection for this.

Quick Response :- Friends, when you work hard, then of course there will be growth in the business and as your business grows, you have a shortage of time. Because of which if your clients message you, then you are not able to respond immediately to every client.

But every client aspires to get a quick reply. So keeping this in mind, WhatsApp Business offers you a feature called Quick Response.

You just have to go to the business setting and select the Quick Reply option and here you have to type the message according to you. Then as soon as a client messages you, this message will be automatically sent to him.

Business Account Key Fayde :- Benefits of Business Account?

Come friends, we have learned that how we can create a WhatsApp business account and how it is used, so let us now know what are the benefits of using it.

  • Business Profile :- This app provides you the facility to create your own separate business profile. So that your clients will be able to get more information about your business like your address, your website, product or your service.
  • Business Messaging tools: – This new product of WhatsApp has messaging tools, with the help of which you will be able to automatically message your clients. And you will be able to inform people even if you are not online. This is a very wonderful feature of this app.
  • Friends, you can run Whatsapp Messanger and Whatsapp Business in the same mobile. With which you will be able to easily handle your family and client or business messages.
  • Watsapp Web: – You can also run WhatsApp business from your PC or computer like you use normal WhatsApp from WhatsApp Web.

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Conclusion – What is Whatsapp business?

So friends, in today’s post we have learned What is Whatsapp business? How to use it? And what are its benefits. If you have a small business or website then this is absolutely suitable for you. Because such tools have been provided in it, so that you can increase your business further and connect with the client.

So friends, if you have any other question in your mind regarding WhatsApp Business, then you can ask in the comment. I will reply soon. Also tell us in the comment how you liked this article of mine.

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