What is Virat Kohli and Anushka Daughter’s Name? Vamika Viral Video Photos Images

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Undoubtedly, the children of celebrities attract attention from birth. However, some celebrities avoid showing their babies’ faces in public. You may have guessed who we’re talking about here. Yes, Vamika, the daughter of famous cricketer Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, has been in the news since she was born. The couple did everything to keep him away from the paparazzi. A short video featuring Vamika went viral on the internet and made a lot of noise as Vamika’s face can be seen in this viral clip.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media in which Virat Kohli’s daughter Vamika is seen clapping her father while playing on the floor. The video shows Anushka Sharma carrying Vamika in her arms as she smiles and applauds for the cricketer. It went wildly viral on the internet as the general public saw Vamika’s face for the first time. While a few people ponder Vamika’s cuteness, the couple’s devoted fans are demanding that she be removed from the internet.

An internet user who seems to have shared the screenshot of the video is also asked to delete the video. The first appearance of Vamika’s face appeared in India vs South Africa’s third ODI match. Towards the end of the video, Anushka placed a sweet kiss on Vamika’s face and gestured for Virat to look at the area. The internet is overflowing with posts as netizens express their love for Virat and Anushka’s daughter.

Vamika Video Viral Photos Virat Kohli Girl

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Many even say that Vamika looks exactly like Virat Kohli and has very beautiful eyes, thus making her look like a stranger. Let’s also say that Virat talked about keeping his daughter a secret. Talking about the same issue, Virat said that as a couple, they decided to provide privacy by keeping their daughter away from all attention and attention. Vamika added that they will continue to give her privacy until they understand what social media is all about.

However, the reveal of her official face absolutely ruined her plans as Vamika started trending on various platforms and got everyone talking about her. While the photo and clip went viral, the couple released a statement saying they were caught off guard and didn’t know the camera was on them. They asked everyone to delete the picture and video for the reasons they explained earlier.