What Is Universal Adult Franchise?

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Universal Adult Franchise?

Universal adult franchise is a system in which all adult citizens can vote. They should not be discriminated against based on their sex, caste or creed. They should also not be barred from voting due to their education, property, or other status. Only aliens and lunatics should be denied the right to vote. But the age of legal adulthood differs from country to country. This system of governing adults will eventually help to ensure that the rights of citizens are protected.

what is universal adult franchise

The principle of universal adult franchise has been a major part of democracy for centuries. The idea behind this system is that all citizens, who are 18 years of age, should be allowed to vote in elections. The basic principle of democracy is that the right to vote should be equal to all, regardless of race, gender, or any other status. A democratic system will never work without universal adult franchise. This principle is the bedrock of our democratic system, as it ensures that all citizens can participate in the government of their state.

A universal adult franchise is a fundamental principle of democracy. All citizens, no matter their age, caste, education, race, or religion, should have the right to vote. However, this principle isn’t implemented in all countries. Only a handful of countries follow this practice, including the United States and many European nations. And even in those countries that have universal adult franchise, women are excluded from the vote. And a number of other countries impose restrictions that make it impossible to participate in elections.

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universal adult franchise definition

A universal adult franchise is a fundamental principle of democracy. It ensures equal opportunity for voting for citizens of any age, regardless of race, religion, or education. A person can vote only once, so they should never be disenfranchised. The right to vote is a basic right for all citizens, and it should be respected by all. If you feel that you have earned the right to vote, it’s time to get involved.

A universal adult franchise is a fundamental principle of democracy. It should be available to all citizens regardless of their race, class, or religion. It’s a foundational principle for a democracy and should be guaranteed everywhere. But in a democracy, this basic principle is more than just a fundamental principle. It makes it possible for all citizens to participate in the state’s governance. It’s an important aspect of a democratic society.


A universal adult franchise is the basis for voting in the Indian parliament and state legislature. All citizens of any age can vote in a democratic country. And it’s not a problem to vote because of religion or caste. In a democracy, people are free to choose their representatives. They don’t have to vote for their political party, they just have to know how to vote. This is one of the most important features of a democracy.