What is Subtitle? How To Download Subtitle Of Any Movie

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Today we are going to talk about what is Subtitle which is also called Caption, Dialogue, Supertitle, Title, Transcript. Its use is called, what are the benefits of subtitles? What can you do if you want to understand and watch a Hollywood movie or any other language movie in Hindi or English language. How can you download the subtitle of any movie, etc. Today we are going to know the answers to the questions through this post, so read this post completely.

There are some things that have value. We know this only when it is needed. Imagine if you have a movie which is not available in Hindi and you only understand Hindi and want to watch that movie. So how can you see? Maybe you wait when it comes dubbed, only if you have information about the subtitle, then you can watch it immediately and can watch it in any language with Hindi caption.

Here you will get complete information What is Subtitle? How to download subtitles of any movie in any language? Complete information about it will be found in this article and maybe you do not know what is the meaning of Subtitle in Hindi? from here you will get information

What is Subtitle?

When you watch a program on all Movies, OTT platform Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube, you get to see commentary or dialogue at the bottom or the top, about which the same sentence is being told in the video or movie. Keys are visible written down on the screen.

You also get to see it in English, Hindi or any other language. These are called subtitles, but they are also known by other names like Caption, Transcript, Dialogue, Super Title, Alias, Written Interpretation, Subtitle, Commentary etc. Timing in the subtitle It is very important that at the time when the character is speaking the dialogue, his sentences should appear below so that the viewer knows what he is saying now, these are called transcripts.

Benefits of Subtitles

Subtitles may be just a silly thing for you that is running at the bottom of the screen for no reason but for someone it can be very important. Nowadays it is also being used in TV programs. Because now people are understanding its importance that for any program whether it is a TV program, OTT platform or YouTube channel and for everything mentioned on the screen, subtitles are becoming very important in today’s time.

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You can understand its importance or importance in such a way that if someone cannot hear or someone can hear less, there may be problem in understanding the words of the TV character, YouTuber. Even if it is in Hindi only, then subtitles are very useful in such a situation. These work as a live blog for the viewer, they also see the spoken things written, so that they understand the things better. And for those who cannot hear, it becomes even more important.

Along with this, if you want to learn English then only these dialogues, subtitles become very important for you. The best way to learn any language is to watch movies of that language or language, so you can download the subtitle of that movie, which will make it easier for you to understand and you will understand both words and accents.

Apart from this, if you want any foreign movie whether it is English, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese Language, if its subtitles are present in English, Hindi, then you can download these subtitles and enjoy the movie with the help of subtitles. Huh. You will not have to wait for the dubbed movie to watch the movie. With subtitle you can watch the movie immediately. These titles are being used abroad for a long time, in India also now the demand for subtitles is increasing.

There are mainly 2 types of Subtitles

1. Open Subtitle: Open to all audiences which you cannot close at will. As you watch some programs, you already see subtitle on which you cannot turn off.

2. Closed Subtitle: There are titles that are made for a specific group of audiences. Which can be turned on and off. As subtitles are not given in any movies but if you want subtitle then you can turn it On, Off.

What is the use of subtitle called?

Subtitles are being used in today’s time on all those platforms where audiences come to watch something, whether it is education platforms or gaming and it is also necessary for those who cannot hear and for others also YouTube In present times. The biggest learning platform is. That’s why YouTube allows automatic subtitles where all kinds of people come to watch and learn the content.

Where you can add titles to your videos, here you have automatic subtitles in English, German, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, which when turned on you can watch YouTube videos in these languages ​​with title . Subtitles are used in Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. Along with this, you can also use it in your TV, it can also be used on DVD, YouTube Videos, MX Player and digital broadcasting.

Talking about the categories, it can be divided into 9 categories which are as follows:-

  1. Hearing Impaired
  2. Narrative
  3. Forced
  4. Content
  5. Titles only
  6. Bonus
  7. Localized
  8. Extended
  9. 3D

How To Download Subtitle?

There are many websites from where you can download subtitles. Most of the people want to watch movies with original dialogues because everyone knows when the movie is dubbed, different artists give voice over for each language. In which many dialogues also change. In such a situation, people like to watch with subtitles.

Here we have given the names of some websites from where subtitles of any movie, web series will be found and you can download them for free.

  1. Ylfy subtitles
  2. podnapisi
  3. Subscene
  4. Subs4free
  5. Bollynook
  6. English Subtitles
  7. OpenSubtitles

You can download subtitles for your favorite movies from the above mentioned websites, after that you can add them in VLC or MX player, any other media player and enjoy the movie, let’s know step by step that you How to add them :-

MX Player

  • Download the movie whose subtitle you want to add, then play that movie in MX player whose subtitle you have downloaded.
  • After the movie is played, you will see three dots on the right side, you have to click on them.
  • After clicking, you have to click on the first option of subtitle, then wherever the subtitles are saved in your mobile, that folder will open, after clicking on it, it will be uploaded in the movie.
  • And if you click on option 2 then you will be connected to the website of online subtitle and by which the subtitle will be automatically added to your movie.

VLC Player

  • First of all download the subtitles from the subtitle downloading site.
  • After this, the movie has to be opened in VLC player, in the top menu bar you will see the option of subtitles.
  • After clicking you have to click on add new subtitle
  • From where you can import it by opening the subtitle’s folder and you will be able to watch the movie with subtitles.


Hope you got our today’s information in which we told you what is Subtitle? What are its benefits, benefits, how can you download subtitles for a movie, etc. You must have liked it. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this post, then you can tell us in the comment.