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In this article, we are going to discuss, What is PHP (What is PHP in Hindi) and the best way to master PHP In the present day of this age of technology and the online market there is no doubt that you’ve thought about how websites are constructed. You may also be thinking that you need to own an online presence. Today, hundreds of websites are developed every day.

The majority of people make use of the internet to grow their businesses or make a substantial amount of money through their personal blogs or sites. It also generates revenue that you wouldn’t think of in fantasy. Do you know how difficult it is to design an online presence and how it’s created?

You’ve likely noticed that there are websites similar to popular websites such as Facebook.com, Flipkart, Instagram, Amazon.in the Programming language is utilized to build all of these. It is also known as Web-Based Programming Language.

There are a variety of languages that websites are created. One of these is language, PHP and PHP is the language from which a website such as Facebook was developed. We will now discuss these sites as well as Web Based Programming Language PHP in Hindi. What is PHP,

What is PHP?

The full title for PHP is PHP Hypertext Preprocessor It is the sole Open Source Scripting language in the world. It can also be referred to as the Scripting language. It is employed in web design.

The SERVER scripting language. Because it is run on the server. This is where code such as C, c ++, and Java is written. The program or code is run by the computer. We will talk about the PHP language. is used to create an online website. It is the reason it is called web-based programming.

You can utilize this language at no cost. This is an extremely robust language for running the blog platform. As you may have guessed, the name of WordPress, which is based on the language. A majority of the world’s biggest websites operate on the word press.

What exactly is PHP and where can it be employed?

You’ve probably realized how effective it is, as the most visited website was designed using the language. Whose name do you know? FACEBOOK.COM, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) an server-side scripting programming language is.

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It’s in addition an open source General Purpose Programming Language. It is used to create web development. PHP is employed to embed it into HTML because of which additional features can be added to it.

The uniqueness in this programming language is it’s utilized to create “Dynamic websites”. If a user makes an inquiry to a php website from their browser, the code lives. The php code is processed within the PHP module that is installed on the server for web pages. php pre processor generates HTML output. This is what you see in your browser.

In this regard, let us know what kinds of web pages are available and the which pages does PHP work. It was evident in the post above to learn about some technical terms Let us learn the meanings of these words and it will help you to comprehend.

Programming Language

Programming language is also a type of language that we and you speak. However, the language computers can understand or communicate with, the language which you communicate with computers is the same programming language used by computers.

They are the programming languages used for creating websites and software within the computer. BASIC C, C ++, Java COBOL, FORTRAN, PHP, HTML are one programming language. The programs written are written in these languages and only.

General Purpose programming language

From the point of view of computer software General Purpose Programming Language is used to design various kinds of software. Different domains require different languages.

If you are looking to create calculator software on your computer, you’ll use Java as well as c++. However, when you are trying to create websites, then you’ll utilize php or html there. That’s why these languages are referred to as Domain Specific Languages.

Scripting Language

This is also a type in programming language. As with other languages, they are built first, and only after that they are run. However, you can use this scripting language without making it compile. The script is comprised of pragrams, or a variety of instructions that are executed by any browser on the internet or server. PHP, Perl, Python are all scripting languages.

Static Web Page

According to its name, you have realized that this is an internet page on which all web pages have been fixed. That is, they are not able to alter. The static pages remain the same for both old and new user. They can’t be changed. If you go to a site you’ve probably observed that the content is never changing. The pages appear the same for all. However, there are certain websites such as Facebook.com which’s content shifting constantly and also have different pages for various users.

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Here are a few examples of websites that are static. Ex- About Us Page and contact page, whose contents never change. I hope that by now, it has made it easier to comprehend the static web page. Now that you are familiar with dynamic websites and, in addition, you will be able to understand PHP quite well.

Dynamic Web Page

If you’ve mastered how static websites work then you can be able to comprehend it quickly. Because the content on a dynamic web page is constantly changing. Every user’s page that is available to you may be different for me. As when I log into Facebook my page will look distinct from your Facebook page.

Dynamic refers to a variable or changeable and is a term that changes the pages often. In the same way, consider another instance that shopping websites also change for each user. Because you’re doing a search, I can access the site to perform a second shopping. Both of them are excellent examples of dynamic websites. If you’re looking to build your own website in design? Then you must learn PHP now. Let’s talk about it right now.

What and where can I master PHP

Every teenager, student and businessman would like to create a website of their own. However, due to the absence of experience of the person and his lack of knowledge, he’s not able to master. In reality, there are numerous web designers on the Internet however, they’ll demand a certain amount of cash from you, and which is at a minimum, from thirty thousand to one million dollars. If you’re looking to build websites for others or for yourself. If you are planning to create an online site for others and also earn an money, it would be better to master php. Let’s discuss the amount of time needed to master the language.

To understand Minimum Qualification for Web Designing

Well, it’s very simple to master it. However, if you think that you need to be able to understand something prior to learning it and then the answer is almost never. All you have to do is follow the PHP DOCUMENTATION https://secure.php.net/docs.php properly. If you’re looking to get started efficiently, then you must have a basic knowledge of HTML, Java script and My SQL along with CSS.
Today, I would like to share the best PHP learning websites with you. You can learn PHP from these sites quickly and easily.

  1. http://www.hackingwithphp.com/
  2. http://www.tizag.com/phpT/
  3. http://www.tutorialspoint.com/php/
  4. https://devzone.zend.com/6/php-101-php-for-the-absolute-beginner/
  5. http://stoneriverelearning.com/courses
  6. To learn php from youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=php+tutorial+in+hindi
    You should also learn about its background.
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The History of PHP Language

PHP is a WEB-based PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE developed by Rasmos Lerdorf in the year 1995. He first wrote a program that was dubbed Common Gateway Interface (CGI). C Programming was used to create this. By using it, the programmer built the personal homepage for himself. Because of his particular curiosity, he utilized his database to make web pages. Then , the name of this language was the reason for it for its name. PERSONAL HomePage/Form Interpreter. PHP / IF. It also began being used.

The language was used to create the dynamic web page. Following this, it was developed to improve this language. A tool was created that was dubbed Home Page Tool 1.0. In 2013, a variety of additional features had been added. PHP HTML embeded was invented and php slowly began being used to build the biggest site on the internet. This is a brief overview of php.

Specifications of PHP LANGUAGE

There are numerous options, we’ll only talk about a few.

  • With this php allows you to create open, read, and write files in a methodical manner.
  • With PHP, we are able to manage the forms we fill out online for example, extracting data from a document or saving data in the file, and sending information to someone via email.
  • Modify, delete or edit whatever is in the database using php.
  • You can rewrite certain pages using this language.

My final thoughts regarding this article

My opinion is that you must build your website and become an expert in web development. So, you are aware of what PHP required to be aware of in order to know how to master PHP It is important to be aware of this. If you put in the time to study PHP and you are willing to easily master it in just thirty to forty-five days. If you’re in the process of completing your studies and would like to work in Web Designing at some point, this article is suitable for you.

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