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What is Covin App & Portal, Vaccination Online Registration, Download, How to Install, Swallow Booking, Time Table, Usage, Dosage [Cowin app portal] (vaccination online registration, covid vaccine schedule, slot booking, download, install, uses )

A special application has been prepared by the Government of India for the Kovid-19 rollout, which was named Cowin. An application that will make a significant contribution to the vaccination campaign of Kovid-19. Through this application, the Government of India will be able to get complete information about the corona vaccine that came to India, such as stock, distribution, storage etc. of corona vaccine. Along with this, in this application it will also be recorded that which patient has been vaccinated and when will he be vaccinated again. The schedule of all these things will be available on the app in advance.

Separate data centers will also be created for this application, which will be their own data centers in different states, which will be updated by the agencies there. About 28000 corona vaccine storages have been created across the country, on which this application has been created to find out the top etc.

This application will have all kinds of features like Temperature Loggers, Vaccine Deployment and Cold Chain Manager. To get more detailed information about this application, read this post of ours till the end.

what is COWIN

Cowin is a website and app on which registration has to be done to get the vaccine made to avoid corona virus. That is, it is a process before getting the vaccination done, it has been launched by the central government.

What is Cowin Portal

launched by central government Cowin Portal Is. By registering themselves in this portal, eligible persons of the country can register themselves in it and get the vaccine made to fight the corona epidemic.

Registration through Cowin Portal

  • Above all covin portal Go to it, here in the home page itself you will see the option to register or sign in, you have to click on it.
  • After this you have to enter your mobile number, after which an OTP SMS will come in your phone. You have to enter him there again.
  • After this you have to fill some information like name, ID proof, gender, year of birth etc.
  • After this, your registration will be completed as soon as you click on the submit button. After that you can schedule your appointment. For this, you will see the option of Schedule there, click on it.
  • Then you have to enter the pin code number of your area or district.
  • After this, the list of all the vaccination centers in your area will open, as well as how many slots have been booked in which center and how many are vacant, it will also be shown.
  • From here you can choose your age group, vaccine type and vaccination center. And you can book your clot accordingly.
  • Once the slot is booked, an OTP will come to your phone. You will have to show this OTP at the vaccination center.

Vaccine selection option in covin portal

Recently, people are facing some irregularities in the registration of corona vaccination through the Kovin app and portal. For example, despite people not getting the vaccine, they are getting the message that they have been vaccinated. After complaining about it, 2 changes have been made on it. Which is as follows –

  • The first change has been made that when a person registers for the vaccine and takes an appointment, after that an OTP will come on his phone. This will be a 4 number OTP. It will have to be shown to that person at the vaccination center. This will verify that the appointment has been booked by him only.
  • The second change has been made in its dashboard. Actually when you select your pincode and district while taking appointment. So after that you will see 6 new options. In which there will be an option to choose the type of vaccine. Through this option, people can now choose which vaccine they have to get Kovidshield or Covaccine.

Certificate will be given after both doses of vaccine

After the arrival of the corona vaccine, it has been revealed that two doses of the vaccine will be administered to each person. Through this application, people can get the schedule location of corona vaccine and also information about who will give them that ticket. If a person has been given 2 doses of corona vaccine, then through this application a certificate will be generated in his name. That certificate will be saved in the digital locker according to the process of this application.

Priority group data will be available

Under the Kovin application, four types of priority groups will be determined, which include health care workers, frontline workers, people above 50 years of age and people suffering from serious diseases. Under this application, the data of persons working in government and private hospitals in each district can also be fitted. Along with this, they will be given the dose of corona vaccine only after approval.

Will keep an eye on the change in temperature after vaccination

Through this application, the government will also be able to track the change in temperature at the storage point. This is a very important step in the maintenance of a vaccine because it is very important to protect it before the vaccine can be used. Through the Kovin app, the account of all the vaccines present at the health center of the vaccine storage facility to the district hospital and vaccination center will be kept. If the vaccine is about to end anywhere or the staff is about to fall, then its notification will come on the application already.

Coronavirus had made life difficult for the people of many countries including India during the year 2020. In the beginning of the year 2021, people have got to hear the good news related to Coronavirus. The citizens of India are also confident that soon the coronavirus will reach them. Although the central government has started work on this, the central government will work to buy the vaccine from the vaccine manufacturers and reach every state and region of India and soon this medicine will reach all the people, after which the coronavirus will be reduced to a great extent. Will be able This is the most comfortable news for the people in late 2020 and early 2021.

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