What is 6/12 Vision?

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6/12 Vision?

The perfect vision standard is 6/6, meaning you can read a line of letters at a distance of six feet. However, people with 6/9 vision are only able to read one line at six feet. The 6/12 limit is a bit more difficult, and is between two lines. The RCO recommends a limit of six/ten, which is between three and nine feet. This range leaves many health professionals puzzled about how to make a decision on who should drive and who should not.

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A recent study conducted in the UK found that the average person with 6/12 vision can read a number plate at a distance of two meters. The average person with six/9 vision can see a number plate at two meters, while a person with 6/12 vision can read a few numbers at a distance of four meters. Despite these differences, many patients with 6/12 vision can drive, although they may have trouble seeing objects close to them.


The Snellen chart has several standards for evaluating the eyesight of drivers. For example, six-hundred-fifth-grade vision is equivalent to 20/24 in terms of distance. That means that a person with six-hundred-feet-percent vision needs to be at least twice as large as a person with six-foot-percent vision. But, this does not mean that a person with 6/9 vision will not have problems reading a number plate.

Whether a person has 6/9 vision is a question of the quality of their vision. If your eyesight is below the minimum standard, you should not drive. The standard is six-hundred-feet-five and is enough for everyday use. But, if your vision is poorer than six-feet-five, you should seek medical attention. The Snellen chart may not be accurate, so you should never assume you’re not seeing correctly.

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Snellen chart

The Snellen chart is not a good predictor of how well someone will be able to drive. The best test is the distance at which a person can read a number plate from a distance of two to twenty-five metres. A six-feet driver has a binocular vision that is equal to six/eight. In general, the driver has the ability to drive without a problem.


A person with 6/9 vision is capable of seeing objects from a distance of six meters. In contrast, a person with 6/12 vision is unable to see objects closer than four meters. The normal vision of a person with six-feet vision is a very good one. It allows the person to drive in any situation. A driver who has six-feet vision is considered to be a normal driver.

A standard Snellen chart is not a reliable predictor of the ability to drive safely. A patient with six-feet vision should be cautious when driving in low-light conditions. They should not drive if they do not have perfect vision. They should not be able to drive at all. Having perfect sight is a vital part of driving. The number of vehicles on the road depends on how well you can see.

The Snellen chart is not specific to each person’s vision level. If a person has six-feet vision, they can read the last line of Snellen’s chart. The Snellen chart is a very poor predictor of driving abilities. A patient with six-feet vision may not be able to see things near the road. A person with six-feet vision is a handicapped driver.


In the study, a total of 28 people with six-feet-eight vision failed to see a number plate at a distance of 20 meters. Only nine patients with six-feet-eeight patients could read the last letter without glasses. Similarly, people with two-feet-eight vision were unable to read a number plate at a distance of less than 6 m.

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A person with six-feet-eight vision is the equivalent of 20/20 vision at six metres. This is equivalent to the ability of the human eye to distinguish contours that are one arc minute apart. A person with six-feet vision can recognize a letter with five detailed areas, while the sixth-eight-inch vision is equivalent to six-feet-eight in a distance of six metres.