What Happened to Lorna Cordeiro? Is He Dead or Alive? Twitter Reacts to Rumors of Singer’s Death

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There are many rumors circulating on the internet and it is claimed that the famous Indian singer in Konkani language, Lorna from the coastal state of Goa in India and is popularly known as “The Nightingale of Goa”. Well, so far no statement regarding his death has been made and only rumors about his death are spreading and so far no big names have even been published about him. So, if you’re one of those who are looking for it, be here until the end.

Well, there is no doubt that the Nightingale of Goa is one of the best singers of origin and everyone who visits Goa loves to hear about Lorna Cordeiro and that is just to be expected because she is one of the famous things in Goa. to see. Born on August 9, 1944 Saligao, Goa, Portugal In India, the singer is 77 years old and we can’t confirm anything as there is no official statement about her death but perhaps it can be assumed that the singer died as there was neither death nor any updates. Come on, her being alive has gone so far that you can probably assume that the singer is no more.

Is Lorna Cordeiro Dead or Alive?

Talking about her career started when she started performing at weddings as part of a group called ‘Bajaj and the Dance Group’. The post that started to come from the eyes of musician, drummer and composer Raymond Albuquerque, who heard the song “Where The Boys Are” for the first time at Marvé Beach. After an audition, she started singing for Perry’s band at age 15 and continued with them until she was 26. It was the turning point in her life and it finally paid off when she started to gain popularity as a popular jazz singer. After performing in nightclubs and star hotels in Mumbai, Kolkata, Madras, Delhi and Bangalore.

Speaking of his film career, you must have heard of Anushka Sharma’s Bombay Velvet, whose role was played by Anushka Sharma, the super cute actress of the Indian Entertainment industry. She was honored with the title of Best Female Singer in Mumbai in 1997 along with a movie and several commercials. Speaking of her singles, the lady has recorded over 20 songs so far. No doubt he will be missed forever and his name will be remembered for sure whenever music is spoken. May his soul rest in peace.