(New Update)Werewolf by Night First Trailer & New Details on Setting, Characters Set for D23 & More

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The D23 is almost here, which means that we are officially going to get the big reveal of the upcoming werewolf First night, which will be building up the Midnight Suns. So let’s talk about what exactly is expected and all the crazy rumors in relation to this series or episode or special or mini movie, whatever it is. So yeah, werewolf by night is expected to be revealed at D twenty three with a release set for October. Many people believe that it will be released in the week leading up to Halloween, meaning that more than likely it’s going to drop on either October twenty sixth, all the way to possibly even dropping on Halloween on October thirty first.

Now some recent details have come out in regards to the series. Is that yes. As previously reported, it is rather cheap looking, and that’s intentional because it’s meant to be a throwback to the old way that films were shot. But on top of this, allegedly the entire thing will be set in the late twenties and it’s going to be entirely presented in black and white. And this is intentional again, to make sure that you understand what type of aesthetic they’re going for. And the thing will feature a few notable members of the Midnight Suns. The big one that everybody seems to be 100 % on is of course, Elsa Bloodstone, but Blade is rumored to have an appearance as well.

Screenshotter YouTube WEREWOLFVsWEREWOLFFightScene20214KULTRAHD WerewolfTheApocalypseEarthblood 353 1 (New Update)Werewolf by Night First Trailer & New Details on Setting, Characters Set for D23 & More

Now, along with this, we are expected to get our first trailer, first poster, the reveal of the entire cast, and of course if this is the official kickoff to the Midnight Suns. Along with this, there’s been some conflicting reports on what exactly. This is some have suggested it’s a small special that’s like 20 minutes. Others have said it’s like 40 minutes. Some have said this is essentially a mini movie that’s like 120 minutes. So again, that’s going to be clarified here and they’re going to lay out some of the details in regards to the future of the werewolf. Again, there’s a lot here because we know this thing was shot.

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We know who all was involved because of the big trades. But again, we’re just waiting for that confirmation. You know, looks like this is exactly where we can expect it. So expect a whole lot of werewolf by night to literally just come at us all at once and a release that’s literally right around the corner. So thank you for watching that video. And if you’ve ever wondered what that little join button is on YouTube, well, that is our membership section, where for a few additional dollars a month, you get exclusive discussions as part of our podcasts each and every week. Audio commentaries. Let’s place discussions on cancelled comic book films, topics that are a little bit.

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