Welcome to Flatch: Release date, Cast and Plot

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Columbus Crew fans will have something new to cheer for this March thanks to a new Fox television sitcom where one of the main characters uses football club gear. In addition, Fox will make the first half of its new comedy “Welcome to Flatch” available to streaming and on-demand platforms ahead of its broadcast premiere.

Welcome to Flatch: Cast and Plot!

The series stars Holmes, Sean William Scott, Sam Straley, Aya Cash, Justin Linville, Taylor Ortega and Krystal Smith.
Chelsea Holmes, who plays Kelly Mallet in “Welcome to Flatch,” can be seen in trailers wearing vintage Columbus Crew jerseys and outfits. The crew equipment is a tribute to the Swindon Town Football Club jerseys worn by Daisy Mae Cooper, who, along with her brother Charlie Cooper, created and starred in the series’ inspiration for “This Country.”
Holmes and Sam Straley will play cousins ​​Kelly and Lloyd ‘Shrub’ Mallet in “Welcome to Flatch.”

“Welcome to the Flatch” is a remake of the British fake sitcom that premiered on the BBC in 2017. It ran for three seasons and received very positive reviews. However, the “Welcome to Flatch” trailers are getting mixed reviews across the pond. A documentary crew travels to a rural town and captures the everyday lives of the town’s other residents, as well as the daily lives of two cousins ​​who are best friends. They began to explore the lives of those living in a small American town. Then they come across the Midwestern town of Flatch. Interestingly, it consists of many eccentric personalities.

Welcome to Flatch: Trailer and Release date!

On-demand episodes are available for customers of AT&T TV, Cox, DirecTV, Dish, Hulu Live, Optimum, Spectrum, Verizon FiOS, Xfinity, YouTube TV, and more. Fox has released the trailer, and the trailer for “Welcome to Flatch” is getting mixed reviews everywhere.

Watch the trailer here:

The show, which will premiere March 17 on Fox, hails from Emmy winner Jenny Bicks.