Weekly Numerology: Know about the predictions of all the Bhagyanks in the coming week from Numerologist Madhu Kotia

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If you have many such questions in your mind that how will the coming week be for your Bhagyank then take information from Numerology Expert in this article.

It often happens that everyone wants to know about their future. The shape of things to come ? How will your health be in the coming week? How will your career be and whether you will get financial benefit or not? We all have many such questions in our mind and we can get the answer of these questions through Numerology and Astrology.

Especially Numerology can give accurate information about any future event according to your Bhagyank. If you also want to know the predictions of your Bhagyank for the coming week i.e. from May 9 to 15, then know about it from Numerologist and Tarot Card Reader, Madhu Kotia ji.

what is fate

Bhagyank is a single digit of complete date of birth of any person. For example, if your full date of birth is 07-02-1984, then adding all the numbers in the date (0+7 +0 +2 +1 +9 +8 +4 =31, 3 +1 =4 ) gives us the numbers The single digit of the sum is 4. Hence your Bhagyank will be 4. Similarly, you can also calculate your fortune number.


You need to be health conscious this week. Focus on some positive aspects of taking care of your health. People who consume alcohol need to be more cautious. Stay away from any such tendency as far as possible. Read spiritual books for positive thinking. Talking about work, you are very creative in your field, so chances of your promotion are being made in the coming week. If you are in business you will do well. Personally, if you are looking for love, you may get love from the wrong person and fall in love. This week, the chances of increasing your mental stress are visible.

  • Lucky Number: 18
  • Lucky Colour: Indigo
  • Lucky day: Friday


This week you need to take care of your health. You can embody things in a very systematic way. Yoga, Pranayama and meditation will rejuvenate. If you are suffering from any disease then it is better to consult a doctor and start the medicine. On the work front, promotion is on your cards. Good relations with superiors will give you full benefits. It is time for you to be happy on the personal front. You will also enjoy with your relatives. Love relations are likely to be good this week.

  • Lucky Number: 17
  • Lucky colour: gold
  • Lucky Day: Sunday

fate number -3

A healthy and positive environment will add to your charm this week. You will grow both physically and mentally. This is a good week to enjoy and pamper yourself. People of Bhagyank-3 will pay more attention to their beauty with some beauty tips. You will not refrain from spending a substantial amount on your personality. On the work front, job changes are likely for some. This week is not good for those who are doing business in partnership. Do business of transaction of money very carefully. On the personal front, you are likely to get an ambitious partnership with beneficial effects. You are kind and generous and do everything possible to win your partner’s heart.

  • Lucky Number: 29
  • Lucky colour: sky blue
  • Lucky day: Tuesday


weekly numerology may month

Health will not be a cause for concern for you this week. You need to consider what you are doing to increase your health and vitality. Consider this and add it to your schedule if you need rest or exercise. You are likely to get a good position on the career front. You will get full benefit of your hard efforts made in the past. On the personal front, this week is looking forward to your love life. Have fun with your partner.

  • Lucky Number: 28
  • Lucky colour: peach
  • Lucky day: Saturday

fate number -5

There will be a huge change in your health this week and chronic diseases will be removed. Enjoying new things this whole week is good for your future. On the work front, this is a time when you can expect new work. Lovers will have a good time on the personal front. Your relationship will remain a strong one which is mutually supportive and beneficial. If you’ve been looking for love, this might be the time. You will feel very happy this week.

  • Lucky Number: 12
  • Lucky Colour: Black
  • Lucky day: Tuesday

Bhagyank – 6

Stress and anxiety can affect your health this week. You need exercise, a balance in food and water intake, and adequate rest. Even if you are waiting for the test result, don’t worry and focus on the more positive vibes. The week is busy in terms of work, you will feel yourself entangled in some work. This week is not suitable for you in terms of health. On the relationship front, it can be a make-or-break period. It’s time to be clear about what you really want.

  • Lucky Number: 21
  • Lucky Colour: Gray
  • Lucky day: Saturday

fate number-7

weekly numerology prediction may

You will feel spiritual and religious this week and you will get benefits from doing more work. It would be good for you to take advice from your spiritual leader regarding health concerns. For health you will feel more comfortable with traditional medicine to heal yourself than with consulting a doctor. On the work front, channelize your energy into a task that already has a lot of plans. Focus on your strength. New opportunities will come your way which will make you an optimistic and lively person.

  • Lucky Number: 13
  • Lucky colour: sky blue
  • Lucky day: Tuesday

fate number – 8

If you feel lethargic this week, follow your own health rules. A very good time ahead for your health. Health will improve and it is also a good time for those waiting for the test report. May you have a peaceful and positive time this week. You will develop a new attitude towards life to lead a positive and better life. On the career front, you will feel new energy which will motivate you to move ahead without much effort and this will bring you wealth. Time will be good for people associated with the field of art, music and literature.

  • Lucky Number: 31
  • Lucky color: Turquoise
  • Lucky day: Thursday


This week you will feel highly active and will feel energetic. You will spend your time in creative work. You are full of new ideas and your inquisitive mind will keep you busy with something or the other. Exercise regularly which will keep your health good. On the work front, you need to be firm. Be quick and aggressive when it comes to business ventures, otherwise, you may miss out on some good opportunities. Time is opportune for journalists, if they are focused and clear. There is a possibility of differences with the elders of the house.

  • Lucky Number: 39
  • Lucky colour: red
  • Lucky day: Wednesday

The coming week is going to bring mixed effects for all the lucky numbers. So you can make plans for the coming time from Numerology. If you liked this article, then do share it and stay connected to read other similar articles on your own website with Harzindagi.

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