Weekly Horoscope: How will be the week for you from 16-22 May? learn from pandit ji

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You also know which zodiac sign will have to face challenges this week and the goals of which zodiac sign will be fulfilled.

Who has seen yesterday’s time, but what is going to happen tomorrow? Everybody wants to know this. Everyone is curious to know what will be the effect in your health, business, job, love relationship and married life in future.

With the help of horoscope, you can know the condition of your zodiac and can also take astrological measures to improve the future. We tell you the status of the zodiac signs every week. This week also we spoke to astrologer and Pandit Manish Sharma and got to know about the future.

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This week will start well and there will be no problem. Your work will also be done at speed. Whatever plans you make will be successful. There may be some problems on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you do not get the right advice, then problems can also increase. Postpone all important tasks this week.

  • There will be problems in the conduct of profession-business and officers will create tension in the job.
  • Along with education, there will be a desire to find a means of earning.
  • Health- There may be skin problems.
  • There will be good cooperation from love-partner and marriage proposals will be received.
  • What to do – Offer Durva and fruits to Lord Ganesha.


Money will be received due to the presence of the sixth moon in the zodiac. Property will also benefit. Work will remain organized. The fear of the unknown will also remain worrying. Tuesday will be auspicious for you, plans will be successful and new work will also be achieved. Wednesday will also be favorable for you. Income will be received. There will be time to be careful on Thursday and Friday. There will also be unnecessary expenses.

  • Profession-Business will be good and you will get support in job.
  • Education-time will be spent in technical work and friends will get cooperation.
  • Health- There may be a problem in the eyes. There will be pain in the neck.
  • There will be dispute with love-partner and happiness will be received from life partner.
  • What to do – Arrange water for the animals and birds.
virgo weekly horoscope may for all


The people of Gemini zodiac will get happiness and cooperation from children. Obstacles in work will also end with income. From Tuesday morning the mind may remain depressed due to unnecessary reasons. There will be disinterest in work. Spend this time with patience. People will assure ostentatious cooperation. Reduce stress by staying with family.

  • Profession – Disruption in business and undesired work will have to be done in the job.
  • There will be no interest in education.
  • Health – There will be pain in different places in the body and there will be special discomfort in the stomach.
  • There will be distance from love-partner and tension in married life will end.
  • What to do – Light a lamp of ghee to Hanumanji.


Unnecessary tension will also remain till Tuesday. Income will be less due to weak position of Moon. Stuck money will also be recovered. The interruption of government work will end. New contacts will be made. Children will provide support and plans will be successful. Negativity can dominate on Thursday and Friday. Postpone essential work. From Friday night the time will be of favor.

  • Profession – New deals will be received in business and transfer yoga will be made in the job.
  • Education – Will be able to work on time and will take interest in studies.
  • Health-urinary disorders, suffering from insect bites. Teeth can also be painful.
  • There will be success in love-love proposal. Will meet old friend.
  • What to do – Offer sweets to Ganesh ji.
leo weekly horoscope may for all


Power will be excellent this week. There will be cooperation from brothers and children and income will also be better. Stress will end and happiness will be achieved. Unnecessary expenses may happen on Tuesday. There will be obstacles in the work. There may be a dispute on Wednesday evening. Close people can deceive. Saturday will be a good day.

  • Profession – New offers will be received in business and difficulties in the job will end.
  • There will be rest in education and new plans will be considered.
  • Health – There will be pain in the back and hands. There will be burning in the eyes.
  • There will be resentment from the love-partner and the relationship with the married partner will not be good.
  • What to do – Offer raw milk to Shivling.


You will get benefit from permanent property and all the troubles will end. Opponents will back down and law related matters will get stronger. Income will remain good. The plans will be successful. There will be contact with seniors. There will be success in work on Mars and Wednesday and there will be cooperation and praise. There may be a dispute between Jupiter and Friday in jokes. On Saturday, you will get happiness from children.

  • Profession-Business will improve and you will get to do new job.
  • There will be interest in education.
  • Health – There is a fear of injury with weakness in the hair and pain in the legs.
  • Distance from love-partner will end and marital relations will improve.
  • What to do – Offer perfume to Hanumanji.

libra weekly horoscope may for all


There will be a transit of Moon in the zodiac. Income will be good, but there will be unnecessary delay in work. There will also be anger and tension. Peace will be experienced from Monday evening. There will be speed in work and money will also be received. Tuesday will be good and Wednesday will be busy. Hope for cooperation will be fulfilled. Will be successful in settling disputes. On Saturday, there may be a dispute due to the vehicle.

  • Profession is the sum of business travel. Job transfer is yoga.
  • You will be conscious of education and study and new opportunities will also be available.
  • Health – There may be pain in the stomach, waist and soles.
  • There can be insult from love-partner. There will be happiness in married life.
  • What to do – Have darshan of Shri Ram Sita.


The twelfth moon in the zodiac will reduce your influence, with a decrease in income and delay in work. There may be more obstacles. Time will be of favor from Tuesday. Sudden gains will be made. The hard work will also increase. Wednesday is the sum of financial success. Obstacles will end. There may be a trip on Thursday. New contacts will be made. You will get help from friends. Friday will also be a favorable day. Work will be done on time, and income will also improve. Good news will be received on Saturday.

  • Profession-Business will be good. There will be opportunities for promotion in the job.
  • There will be interest in education.
  • Health – Injuries to the head, waist and thighs can occur.
  • You will meet your love partner and you will get marital happiness.
  • What to do – Offer gram to Durgaji.
sagitarius weekly horoscope may for all


Your importance will increase in the workplace and you will get credit for the work. The mind will be happy and opportunities will increase. Income will also remain good. You will get the support of friends. Obstacles will be defeated. Worrying news can be received from Mars and Wednesday family. Vehicle may cause damage. Thursday and Friday will be the best days. There will be speed in the work and there will be happiness.

  • There will be a boom in profession-business and there will be opportunities for promotion in the job.
  • There will be good opportunities in education.
  • Health – There will be pain in the molar.
  • Time will pass with love-partner and sweetness will remain in married life.
  • What to do – Donate money to the poor.


The transit of Moon will remain favorable throughout the week. Money, prestige, influence will increase and work will also be done on time. There will be profit from the property. Interest in religion will increase. Help will be received from all sides. Victory will be achieved in disputed matters. Thursday-Friday Unknown worries may surround you. Would love to be alone. Old things will be remembered. Income will also be less. There will be happiness on Saturday.

  • Profession-Business will be good and there will be no problem in job.
  • You will be ahead in your studies from your peers. Help will also be available.
  • Health – There will be pain in the teeth.
  • Love-love proposals will be received. Married life will be happy.
  • What to do – have darshan of Lakshmi ji with Narayan.
aqyuarious weekly horoscope may for all


Time will remain favorable. Despite the speed in the work, unnecessary trouble will be more. You will get happiness from children and income will remain good. Travels will be pleasant and new works will also be achieved. There can be confusion in government work. There will be gains from new contacts. There will be a lot of work on Thursday-Friday. You will get support from father. Be careful on Saturday. There may be disputes, and there may be lack of income.

  • Profession- Merchants will be profitable. There will be strength in the job.
  • Vacation time of students will be spent happily.
  • Health – There may be trouble in the chest and neck. There is a fear of getting hurt.
  • Love-love request will be accepted and marital happiness will be achieved.
  • What to do – Offer oil lamp and sweets to Hanumanji.


Due to the eighth moon in the zodiac, there will be an excess of expenditure and work will not be able to be done on time. Negative thoughts will come more. Income will also decrease. There may also be disputes. Tuesday and Wednesday will be good days. Work will improve and the financial base will be strong. There will be a chance to be happy on Thursday and Friday. Will participate in the festival and money will also come in. On Saturday, sudden success and wealth can be achieved.

  • There will be concern in profession-business and there will be a plan for change in job.
  • Time will be spent in education and other work. Will be interested in sports.
  • Health- There may be toothache and blisters on the tongue. Injury to the left leg may occur.
  • Conflict with love-partner will end and marriage proposal will be received.
  • What to do – Put a lamp near a well, hand pump or water source.

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