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The goal of the women’s and men’s games is designed to bring women and men together in the same arena, and break down the barriers. It is awe-inspiring that we have the opportunity to make this happen.

Cast from Game of Sex web series. Game of Sex web series

  • I’m not aware of the meaning of Ruma
  • Jisan Khan
  • Rahul Zaidi
  • Shobit Atray
  • Mamta Kumari
  • Bindia Tiwari
  • sneha wag
  • Piyush Ranade

Game Of Sexes Web Series Details

TitleGame of game of sexual sex
GibbsRumana Molla, Zeeshan Khan, Rahul Jaitty, Shobhit Attray, Mamta Kumari, Vindya Tiwari, Sneha Wagh, Piyush Ranade
Genre18+ Drama, 18+
Typeweb series
DirectorDeepak Pandi
Online video platform for online videoEORTV
LanguageHindi, Marathi

EORTV is a leading video-on-demand (OTT) media services platform that offers a distinctive approach to LGBTQ viewers as well as other communities, has announced “Game of the Sexes,” the first web series that is based around cricket.

The show features an incredible 65 actors comprising Shahbaaz Khan Rumana Molla Sachin Verma Sneha Bagh Riya Deepsi Ishani Sharma Vindiya Tiwari Piyush Ranade Shobhit Attray and Rajkumar.

Directed by the award-winning producer and director Deepak Pandey, “Game of the Sexes is a game of cricket featuring a challenging format in the very first instance. This idea is in line with EORtv’s goal of making every community in the world inclusive and welcoming by focusing on gender equality, and eliminating any prejudice founded on gender stereotypes and sexual orientation. The show is scheduled to begin with filming in the Shirdi Sai Public School in Moradabad beginning in January 2021.

The story depicts the struggles she has to overcome and how she is able to achieve her dream. The director Deepak Pandey said, “With this series based on cricket, Game of the Sex, EORtv will defend the human spirit in facing of terrifying dangers and honor courage and perseverance while keeping the subject’s sensitive nature in the forefront of our minds.”

Regarding his character in his show Shahbaaz stated, “Well I’m an old coach who has stopped working due to a traumatizing time in his past. The name of my character is Prakash Shetty. This is the first time that I’ve ever encountered an South Indian character. Shetty was initially a bit confused. I don’t believe cricket is a possibility.

However, as things are changing, he is willing to coach the team in order to play a new game of cricket. The whole web series is full of numerous emotions like the love of a woman, jealousy, anger and tension. It’s all there. Anyone who’s seen that first show will be eager go through the entire series, but I can promise it.”

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