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Chicken Curry is the newest kooku web series starring. Neelam Bhanushali and Ankita Dave in the main roles. Ankita plays a blind role and Neelam is the antagonist of the series. All the latest episodes of the Chicken Curry web series are streamed online on the kooku app. The series revolves around a blind wife who struggles to live a happy life with her husband.


Watch Chicken Curry Kooku Web Series Online

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She is best known for her performance in commercials for Ankita Dave, Nagar Vadhu, Mere Angane Main. Neelam Bhanusali was last seen in Gandhi Baat drama.

Chicken Curry Web Series

Name: Chicken Curry (2021)
Season: one
Section: one
Medicine: Web Series
Online Video Platform: SMELL
Slice: Hindi
Casting: Neelam Bhanushali and Ankita Dave
Stream Date: May 21, 2021

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