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Voovi application is recently launched application. It was launched some time ago, however due to technical issues, the initial web series has been released this morning. Rangil Ragini webseries is an anemic web-series in Hindi. The release date for the web series is May 9th 2022. Mishti Basu is the main character in the web-based series.

Voovi App has entered the Indian OTT market with its exciting Web television series Rangili Ragini. There are numerous web series that will air in tandem from the platform. For instance, the Rangili Ragini web show is produced under one of the well-known producers, SSK.

Rangil Ragini Web Series Story

The Rangili Ragini web series is set in the village. The story is about one girl named Ragini. She has a burning desire to be sexually active with a male or female every single day. This is the reason everyone in the village refers to him as Rangili Ragini. Check out the web-based series on the Voovi App to know what you can do to satisfy her dreams.

Mishti Basu is the character in the role of Ragini in this web-based show. Mishti Basu is featured in this web-based series in a frank and daring character and in the sequence of sexual encounters with a same-sex girl and boy. It is run by SSK.

Rangil Ragini Web Series Casting

Rangil Ragini Web Series Details

Title – Rangil Ragini
Cast – Mishti Basu, Rakhi Rawat, Zaid Ahmad Khan, Ravi Kumar
Genre – Erotic, Drama
Genre: Web series
Director – SSK
Release Date – May 9, 2022
OTT Platform – Voovi App
Language – Hindi
Country – India

How To Watch Rangil Ragini Web Series Online

Download the Voovi App on Playstore as well as the Appstore to stream the Rangili Ragini web-based series on the internet. Sign up for either a semi-annual, monthly and annual membership. You can then watch the web series and other web series that are coming up. Voovi App is a newly launched app. It is certain that viewers will enjoy the web-based show.