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The first trailer Ullu App’s web series that is coming out is out today. Julie Season 2 is season two of the web-based series. Its Julie Season 2 web series premiere date is May 13 2022. Season 1 of the web series aired in the year 2019. Julie is a well-known web-based series. Julie Season 2 web series stars Aman Verma and Nehal Vadoliya as well as other casting details of online series is expected to be announced soon.

You can watch all the shows from Julie 2 web series soon via Ullu App. It’s an Hindi crime the genre of drama, erotic and drama web-based series. The web series is suitable for viewers of 18+. Some of the most recent Ullu App streaming web-based series include Raja Ka Baja, Love Next Door, Saree Ki Dukaan, Jalebi Bai, Jhumke and more.

Julie Season 2 Web Series Storyline

Julie season 2 web series Julie season 2 web-series begins by revealing the fate of three individuals over the course of three months. In this web show, Aman Verma plays the part of the police officer who is investigating the case. A girl suddenly appears at the police station, and tells the police all about the crime. According to the account the bodies of all three missing persons were discovered within the Purani haveli during the late at night. Police have found the body.

One thing that is common to the three of them is cutting their private areas. The girl also spoke about Neeti who draws males to her and gives them intimate moments. Police find the writer for the narrative. In the story’s fourth version the authors inform the officers that their body may be located inside the Jungle. The police investigate and discover a girl who has an unidentified body. Check out the web series to learn who the girl is and what she took on this.

The web series will be streaming online via the Ullu App from 13 May. Aman Verma, and Nehal Vadoliya will play the lead roles in the Julie 2 cast. Julie 2 web series.

Julie Season 2 Web Series Casting

Julie Season 2 Web Series Details

TitleSeason 2
CastingAman Verma, Nehal Vadoliya
KindCrime, Erotic, Drama
MedicineWeb Series
ManagerAnil Sharma
Date of releaseMay 13, 2022
Online Video PlatformUllu App


Q. Julie Season 2 Web Series Cast and Cast?

Ans. Aman Verma, Nehal Vadoliya

Watch S. Julie Season 2 Online Web Series in Ullu App?

Ans. Download the Ullu App from the Playstore. Sign up to Ullu on the Ullu App and enjoy the web-based series.

Q. Season 2 Web Series Release Date?

Ans. May 13, 2022 Previous article watch online Gulab Jamun Web Series on Kooku App