Warner Bros. Entertainment says Batgirl Cancellation is Cool

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In a recent interview with the deadline regarding the future of the DC brand WB, CFO Gunner Weidenfeld was asked about the cancellation of Batgirl and the outrage of fans all across the world, as well as the disbelief from everybody in Hollywood, including the star of the film, the supporting cast and the directors. And he says that’s cool. It’s just a little overblown. It’s no big deal. Has anybody checked if this dude is secretly Tom Rothman wearing a mask, still eating those like lead chips from the set of X-Men Origins wolverine? Because he sounding just like peak Rothman before he tanked Fox? I mean, losing 20 billion in market cap should be a a pretty good indication that you’re doing things wrong, but hey.

I guess not. So yes, speaking with deadline, he decided to say that the cancellation of the film, all the blowback from the fans and everything was blown out of proportion because the media likes to talk about media and that’s why it happened. And this was also amplified with the lack of diversity and such. So if you really think about it, people are just staying angry because of all these other reasons that aren’t exactly fair to them. Says the people. Who asked anything with people of color and starring roles? Fired all of them, replaced all the people working in these high positions with just white males, and then axed any project that doesn’t star white news? I mean, sure, dude.

Also saying this at a time where we literally found out that the top three agencies in Hollywood are actively telling their actors to not accept jobs at WB. Because it’s detrimental to your career. I mean, you can say it’s blown out of proportion with what they did because it’s unprecedented. Or you could just say, look, we made a tactical decision and it didn’t work for us. But again, I guess they’re just gonna keep digging their own grave and making stupid statements and talking about crap like this for no reason.

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And then people will keep calling them out because they’re literally made no reason they try to save 3 billion, they lost 20, and they keep on losing money and now they can’t even afford to advertise films. That are coming down the road. It’s an absolute disaster.