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What is Vivo cloud in all Vivo Devices??| How to use Vivo cloud| How to make an account in vivo cloud

Vivo Cloud Storage

The Vivo Cloud service is an online service that lets you backup your phone data, including photos, SMS messages, blacklists, and files. This service is especially convenient if you ever lose your phone or misplace it. It also helps you manage important information online so that you don’t have to worry about restoring lost files. Here are some tips for getting started with the Vivo Cloud. Here are some of the benefits of Vivo Cloud storage.

vivo cloud storage

Vivo cloud service is free and offers many benefits. It can be used for storing and backing up mobile phone data. With the app, you can also manage important information and lock your smartphone. The service also lets you sync and restore your contacts, calendar, and music to your Vivo smartphone. This service is available only for Vivo smartphones. It is recommended to use the Vivo cloud service only if you own a device by the company.

The Vivo cloud service is free and provides several services for users. You can back up all the data on your phone and use it for other purposes as well. The vivo cloud service even lets you search for your phone online if you lose it. You can also find your lost phone and lock it using the vivo cloud service. All your information is safe and accessible online with Vivo cloud. The only catch is that the vivo cloud service is available only for Vivo smartphones.

When you connect to the Wi-Fi network, you can download the Vivo Cloud storage app. The application can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Once downloaded, you can backup your contacts, SMS, Web bookmarks, and notes. The vivo cloud service also allows you to backup blacklists. This is a great feature if you regularly back up large amounts of data. You can also use it to restore lost files from your previous phones.

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Part 2: How to backup Vivo to Vivo cloud

The following manual will show you how to backup Vivo Cloud Backup photos and any other data like messages, contacts, or documents.


Step 1 Install the Vivo Cloud App on your phone, if you haven’t already. You can download it free of charge from the App Store.

Step 2 Register for a Vivo Account in order to back up your data.

Step 3 Go to the “Settings”, then to “Accounts and Synchron” to access the sync interface for the respective Google Account.

Select the data you want to back up from the list.

Step 4 – To view Vivo Cloud Backup-Up photos, open “Photos” or “Google Photos” first. Next, navigate to “Menu” which is the three vertical lines in the upper left corner.

Go to “Settings” and then select the “Back Up & Sync” option. Photos will be automatically backed up.

Step 5 To backup other data, go to “Settings>> More Settings> Backup and reset> Google Server>” and then click “Back up my Data” to save the data and restore it.

Part 3: How do you restore Vivo Cloud?

Although this process is similar to backing up data, it may not be as straightforward. Here are the steps with which you can restore data from VivoCloud.

Step 1 – Open the VivoCloud App. Once the app is open, choose the data type you want to restore. For example, “Contacts”, “SMS,” and “Notes”.

Step 2 After selecting the option, tap on the “Restore” button to restore your data.

Part 4: VivoCloud Alternative: Vivo Cloud Backup: Back up your Vivo to MobileTrans

MobileTrans from Wondershare is a reliable and trusted software that can be used to backup Vivo phones. You can easily perform phone-to-phone transfer, back up data and restore data. Although some people are skeptical about cloud services like Vivo Back-Up, it is possible to make a local backup. To have a backup of your data, you can also backup it from Vivo. MobileTrans makes it easy to create a backup of your data locally. Here is a guide that will help you make a backup using MobileTrans.

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MobileTrans: Create a Backup

Step 1 Download and install the MobileTrans app on your computer. After you have downloaded the MobileTrans application, launch it and then open it.

To make a backup of data from your target device, select the “backup” option in the primary window.

Step 2 Connect the Vivo target device or any iPhone to your computer and establish a connection. On the screen, you will see the source and destination.

You can move the devices around if they are not placed correctly.

You can view the data of the target device and select the files you need from the list.

Step 3 Once you have selected the data that should be backed-up, click the “Start” button. After waiting a few seconds, MobileTrans will create backups of the data.

To keep your devices connected, the backup status (or progress) will be displayed on the screen.

Vivo cloud service is a free service that allows you to back up all your phone data and manage important information online. If you lose your phone, you can use this service to restore all your data and lock your phone. The vivo cloud service will also help you search for your lost phone online. You can also use this system to lock your phone and restore synced contacts to your mobile. You can also restore any deleted files from the Vivo Cloud service in case you accidentally lose it.

Vivo cloud service allows you to backup your phone data. The vivo cloud service also helps you manage your important information. You can use it to lock your phone and find it online, and restore synced contacts, photos, and videos to your phone. However, this service only works with Vivo smartphones. Therefore, if you’re considering using the Vivo Cloud service, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the service.

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The Vivo cloud service is free and allows you to back up your phone data. It is also very convenient because it allows you to find your phone online and manage your important information from one place. Besides, the Vivo cloud account is secured and backed up, which means you can rest easy knowing that your personal data is safe. It also makes it easier to secure your phone and lock it online if you misplace it.

Vivo cloud service allows you to backup your data and access it from any device. This service is free and works best with Vivo mobile phones. This is the ideal way to secure your mobile phone data, as it will prevent the emergence of malware. With a Vivo Cloud account, you can store all your important data safely. Your phone will not be lost or stolen when you use the service. You can even lock it online.

The Vivo cloud service provides a number of benefits. For example, it allows you to backup your contacts, SMS, and other types of data. By using the service, you can even find your lost smartphone. By backing up your phone, you can prevent unwanted theft by syncing all your important files and videos to a secure location. With Vivo cloud, your phone is safe, secure, and you can easily share them with your friends. Protection Status