Viral Video: Zendaya beaten and assaulted by another woman?

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Over the weekend, a video of a woman being brutally beaten by a faceless man went viral on the internet. The new video was released on Sunday, May 29, and caused quite a stir as many assumed the woman in the movie was Hollywood star Zendaya.

The Euphoria actress has been making headlines ever since she started acting in big-budget movies and television shows. However, a video recently went viral and convinced many that Zendaya was involved in a fight.

Ever since the video went viral, people have been tagging the actress and expressing their shock.

What’s in the fight footage? Is the girl in the viral video really Zendaya?

According to a video released by TMZ, a tall man in a hoodie throws several quick punches in the face of a woman who looks like Zendaya while a woman sits on the floor. While trying to escape the attack, the woman continues to sit on the floor and is kicked by an unnamed man. Although the woman looks like Zendaya, it’s most likely another woman.

A screenshot of the same is also circulating. Many believe that the girl is Zendaya because of her resemblance to the star.

No, Zendaya was not attacked. In fact, there are no actors in the video, which was watched by a large number of people.

If you look closely at the video, you’ll notice that the girl many believe is Zendaya also wears a wrist band that looks like an ankle bracelet. However, this is difficult to prove as the images are grainy.

Twitter users flooded Twitter with their comments

“People are really desensitized,” said one user. It’s not fun for that girl to be beaten up, and it’s not funny to assume she’s Zendaya.

“A girl is being beaten,” added another, “but it’s none of our business; We just want to know if it’s Zendaya.”

“Zendaya or not, why fAre you laughing at a woman beaten up?” demanded the next. “This fThe king is strange.”

“You don’t like Zendaya that much, are you making up stories about her beating?” one person wondered.

While living the best moments of her life, the actress also shared short sections from her busy schedule on social media. Zendaya was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People.

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Viral Video Zendaya beaten and assaulted by another woman Viral Video: Zendaya beaten and assaulted by another woman?

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