Vidhya No.1: Vedavalli and Manikam confrontation?

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Vidya No 1 is gearing up for more drama as Sanjay refuses to accept Vidya as his wife.

In the previous episode, Sanjay was seen taking his anger out on Vidya. He tells Vidya that he will never love her. He would never accept her as his wife, even Vedavalli accepted her. Hearing this, Vidya was heartbroken. She burst into tears when Suryaprakash video called her. Vidya wanted to return to the village so that Sanjay could be happy. Suryaprakash motivated him and assured him that his love for Sanjay would change him. Suryaprakash also mentioned that his father Manikam was shifted to Chennai prison. Vidya decided to meet her father in prison. Meanwhile, Vedavalli called the family lawyer home to find out the identity of the person who attacked Chandramohan. He decided to punish her. She wanted to know who he was and decided to confront him in prison.

In today’s episode, Vedavalli seems shocked to learn that it was Manikam who attacked Chandramohan. The latter said that Vedavalli was responsible for the destruction of his family. He swore to take revenge on her. Vedavalli swore to punish him for attacking Chandramohan. Manikam says that even if he gets the death penalty, his daughter Vidya will destroy Vedavalli’s ego. Vedavalli said he couldn’t even stand before Vidya, an illiterate village girl. Vidya witnessed all these hiding. After Vedavalli left, he met Vidya Manikam. The latter asked him to take revenge on Vedavalli. Vidya nodded for good.

What will happen next? How does Vedavalli react after learning Vidya’s true identity?

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