Video shows the fast descending Florida plane moments before it crashes into the bridge

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A video has emerged showing the final moments before a single-engine plane crashes into an SUV on a Florida bridge, killing the pilot and injuring the family of three inside the car.

The Cessna 172 aircraft lost power when it flew dangerously low over the bridge in Miami on Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement.

The new video shows the plane crashing just meters above the traffic on the bridge and a vehicle maneuvering to avoid it.

The SUV, which it later crashed into, was carrying a 34-year-old woman and two small children, a six-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl, all of whom survived with injuries.

Miami-based air traffic controller, 36-year-old pilot Narciso Torres, reported that the plane crashed on the bridge and engulfed in flames.

WPLG News reported that 36-year-old pilot of the plane, Narciso Torres, who was the Miami-based air traffic controller, died in the crash.

Two relatives of Mr Torres, who were passengers on the plane, survived the crash. One of them is still being treated at the hospital for intense burns.

A video previously showed a man getting off the plane just before the fire broke out and being helped sideways by others, the Associated Press reported.

After the accident, the people around rushed to the aid of the injured.

Cessna was en route to Key West after leaving Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Drone footage on social media showed the crumpled plane on the Haulover Inlet Bridge with the damaged SUV nearby.

Minutes after a plane crashed into an SUV near Miami

The National Transportation Safety Board said in a statement that an investigation was launched into the incident.

“Part of the investigation will be to request radar data, weather information, air traffic control communications, aircraft maintenance records and the pilot’s medical records,” the statement said.

“A lot of people were also scared, but there were so many helpers, and it was nice to see that in our community,” Marleen Hernandez, an eyewitness who was with her family, told CBS Miami.