Vastu Tips: Which type of fish is auspicious to keep in the house according to Vastu

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If you keep fishes for positive energy in the house, then you must know some rules of Vastu related to them.

Vastu Shastra has special importance in the progress of the house. It is a belief that if everything kept in the house is according to Vastu, then positive energy comes. According to mythological beliefs, Lord Brahma created Vastu-shastra, which came to be considered particularly fruitful for the construction of a home and workplace. Actually, it tells the remedies to remove Vastu defects by making some simple changes in the house and it is believed that decorating the house according to Vastu drives away all the negative energies from the house.

One of such Vastu remedies is to keep aquarium or fishes in the house. Vastu experts tell that keeping fish in the house is very auspicious and it removes all the forces from the house. Many things like bringing fish home and setting up the aquarium in the right direction helps in removing Vastu Dosh from the house. Let’s know from Life Coach and Astrologer Sheetal Shapaira what kind of fish should be kept in the house and which fish should be avoided.

Vastu rules for aquarium

Vastu expert Sheetal ji says that fish helps in increasing the good fortune of the house. You need to make sure that the aquarium is set in the right direction and has the right number of fish, so that happiness and prosperity can come in the house. At the same time, it is also believed that if the direction of the aquarium is not right, then it can also be disastrous for the house. Actually there are five elements in the aquarium which are interconnected with each other and influence the energy of the house. It is believed that the sound of running water becomes a source of positive energy in the house. Hence the aquarium leads the house to prosperity. Even a fish kept in the house is capable of driving away negative energies. The right direction to place the aquarium is the north-eastern part of the house. Actually, keeping things related to the water element in this part brings money and positive energy. Therefore, according to Vastu, placing fish aquarium in the east, north or north-east direction of the house is considered auspicious.

Benefits of keeping fish at home

According to Vastu, keeping fish as a pet in the house is like making the environment of the house positive. Fish take away negative energy. The right number of fish fills the house with wealth. Vastu states that the correct position of the aquarium improves the financial condition of the people in the house. It can attract immense wealth. Fish relieves stress and refreshes our mind. Watching the fishes run away in the aquarium refreshes our mind.

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Which color fish is auspicious according to Vastu?

fish luck at home

According to Vastu Shastra, the color of fish has a different meaning. Sheetal ji tells that keeping fish of certain colors in the house is considered more auspicious for the house. Let us tell you about the colors of those fish.

  • White or golden colored fish represents good luck. Since these colors symbolize the metallic elements, such fish are often associated with prosperity.
  • Dark colors such as blue, black and gray are associated with the elements of water. Therefore, they absorb negative energy. For example, people keep black goldfish to ward off negativity in the house which indicates positive for the house.
  • The purple and red colored fish symbolize the element of fire. However, they do not promote luck like other types of fish. This is because fire drives away water. The brown and yellow fish define the elements of the earth. They can attract monetary luck.

number of fish

It is considered auspicious to always keep an odd number of fish in the aquarium. Keeping 9 fishes in it is considered most auspicious, out of which 8 should be gold and one black fish. It is believed that such number of fish brings positivity in the house. Even if you don’t keep 9 fish, keep them in odd numbers.

What kind of fish is good to keep

gold fish lucky for home

gold fish

According to Vastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui, Gold Fish also brings good luck. You can find it in a variety of sizes and keep it at home. According to Sheetal ji, ‘Gold fish is very helpful in increasing the good fortune of the house.

flower horn fish

Flower Horn Fish brings prosperity to your home. It is also associated with powerful positive energies. If you keep it in the house then many negative forces run away.

Arowana (Dragon Fish)

Although it is one of the most expensive species of fish for aquarium, it attracts wealth, prosperity, happiness and good luck due to its red color and coin-like skin. It usually has golden wings and a tail. Which also looks very beautiful in appearance.

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Corey Catfish

It is mainly kept for cleaning the aquarium but brings positivity in the house and wards off evil. It is a calm fish that attracts good luck to the house. It can also tolerate various water conditions and can easily thrive in any environment.

angel fish

angelfish is lucky for home

The thin and flat-bodied angel fish is also considered a fish of good luck and it is considered very auspicious to keep it in the house. Since they are omnivores, they thrive on live and frozen food. Such freshwater fish are very popular as pets in homes and are also very beautiful in appearance.

In fact, if you keep fishes in the house according to Vastu, then you will soon get its benefits and all the problems will start going away from the house. If you liked this article, then do share it and stay connected to read other similar articles on your own website with Harzindagi.

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