Urfi reached the airport wearing swimwear, paparazzi said, chill

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Urfi Javed came in the eyes of everyone after Bigg Boss OTT. During that time they had a lot of fights. Zeeshan was his friend but he had a lot of fights with him too.

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But then during a task he was asked to do something special to keep himself safe, so he made a dress from the dustbin’s polythene.

But she could not escape and had to go out of Bigg Boss house. Even after this, Urfi could not stop the hobby of wearing strange clothes.

Urfi Javed Swimwear Viral Video
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After coming out, they are discussed only because of the strange dress. Sometimes she wears only a bra-like dress and sometimes she wears such a dress that if she touches it, she opens it.

This time also something similar has happened. Urfi has been seen at the Mumbai airport but this time she is wearing swimwear. In this, he is wearing hot pants from below. That’s why it looked much better than the rest of her clothes.

But there was one special thing. That is, he did not wear slippers on his feet. She is looking very tired in this video of her.

The paparazzi tells her why she is not wearing slippers, then she says that there are heels, feet are hurting. The rest she also tells him that she is feeling very tired today. On this the paparazzi tells him, chill.

But like every time, even after watching this video, trolls have come to him. A user said, what does she come to do at the airport everyday? So another user said that it is beautiful but its dressing sense becomes a blot on it. One user also wrote that it reverses everything.

Let me tell you, just yesterday his 3 million followers have been completed and he has celebrated it in Goa.