Update WB’s Static Shock is Dead on HBO and Film Reportedly News

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WB and DC were developing static shock in hope of getting the thing off the ground on HBO Max.

This was supposed to be a rather expensive series that was going to be involving Michael B Jordan as a producer and possibly even as a director, but now it looks like the entire thing has fallen apart and it’s been cancelled. The last time we heard something about static shock was right around the time that Batgirl got cancelled, and the update then was a unfortunate there is no update, nobody’s heard anything about it, and we are quickly approaching a few years since the Michael B Jordan version was announced, and now it sounds like that version might be entirely dead, or it’s been dead.

For a while, which is why there’s been no mentions on it. So in effect, it sounds like whatever they planned for TV on HBO is not moving forward now. The good thing here is the other update is that there’s some hope that they could turn static shock into a film. Now, there’s no guarantee here because, again, as WB Discovery and David Zaslav said, they only want to focus on Big Temple giant money making guarantee characters to them. If they didn’t view Batgirl as this. If they’re not viewing multiple other characters as this. Many are reporting now, including outlets like Hollywood Reporter for example, that this is not going to get the pass. It’s effectively dead as well.

On film. They’re just trying to deflect some of the heat that they’re going to get, and the reason they haven’t officially confirmed it’s dead, it’s because they’re just going to sit on it till everybody forgets it was ever announced again. This has kind of been part for the course for WB. Remember strange adventures? Remember Green Lantern Corp? Remember Metropolis, a Swamp thing spin-off? There’s countless projects that they never mentioned. They just let die, and nobody ever talked about them because they didn’t get enough buzz.

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Unfortunate, but. This is kind of just the way things are going to go now, unless you’re, you know, guaranteed to be maybe a billion dollar box office in hopes of saving the company and making their bottom line look good so you can set yourself up for a sale. You’re pretty much doomed.