Update Disney’s Avatar Destroys Box Office 13 Years after Theatrical Release

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This weekend was quite significant when it comes to the box office war.

Wb just put out one of their big hype Tappe films, which was the Olivia Wilde directed don’t worry darling, which has been panned by critics. That film had a release across every single theatre that is playing movies across the world and the United States, and a managed to Falta Avatar work i don’t know about you guys but I’m excited for Avatar 2 again i have plenty of problems with the first film but to me again its an event film and obviously a lot of people are excited for it.

If you want the proof thats exactly what we are going to talk about here. Disney and James Cameron decided to re release the film again this month for a limited time only in hopes of getting peoples interest in the SQL and also gauging. Obviously, just how much interest would there be, especially for a film that came out in 2009 that a lot of people don’t like now welham? It did pretty good for itself in the United States and managed to make 10000000$ with a fraction of the amount of screens that darling don’t worry was playing at.

What’s even more impressive is that internationally, the film absolutely demolished. Adding another 20 5 million for a total of 30 5. Again, I know some people are gonna say that’s not impressive. Sure, its not impressive. If you’re a film like you know the upcoming Black Adam something that’s a temple new thing, right? Or if you’re something like in Avengers film, this would be a complete failure. Were talking about a film that you can literally go on line and watch. It’s on one of the services you are paying for, I guarantee it. A film that most people own.

A film that people saw in theaters, a film thats the biggest film of all time.

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Everybody seen it some people multiple times. This right here to Disney is proved that despite what the bubble on the Internet says, which mind you is a bubble, there is staying power to this film whether you like it or me. Again, I don’t really care for the entire Navi thing. And yeah, they fell off quickly from. The Khan seen and everything like a year after that film came out, but I’m generally interested to see what the SQL dozen if they can keep up the pace and impress people again and bring people back again from me.

Film lover standpoint to meet. Thats the most interesting thing about the SQL, seeing the innovation in technology and what was done. And again its based on water. So obviously you guys know my offer Aquaman anymore and everything underwater so I’m in. But to me and everybody right now, clearly this is a indication that Avatar is not dead. As a matter of fact it might become bigger than ever. Now I’m not saying that the new SQL is going to make 3 billion or more than that. First film, what I’m saying is I think a lot of people that were saying this things gonna make five six hundred million tops.

I think Avatar 2, well over a billion with ease if there’s this much interest for just the first film. For those that are wondering if we’re gonna talk about Avatar to an extent on this channel, probably not. A couple box office updates here or there and may be how it relates the future of anything Disney’s doing, but don’t expect updates on Avatar. It’s just not something that I’m that into, asshole. Start reading those couple of things I bought on it, then who knows? I could become an avatar fanboy. I don’t know. I like the books do hearing about how James Cameron, his mind works and all that. So I’m gonna be driving to those soon.