Try these 5 ways for weight loss with treadmill workout, fat will burn fast

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If you want to reduce your weight fast with the help of treadmill workout, then definitely follow these 5 tips.

If you do not want to lift heavy weights to lose weight or do not want to run on the road in dirty weather, then definitely workout on the treadmill. It helps you to lose weight faster and burn calories all over the body and keep the heart healthy. Put on your headphones and get on the treadmill to burn calories with these 5 easy treadmill workouts shared by fitness and nutrition brand MyProtein India.

high intensity interval training

‘HIIT’ in less time burn more calories It’s a great alternative to heartburn and has been designed to improve your overall heart health.

  • Divide your workout into working and rest periods.
  • Make sure your relaxation time is equal to or slightly less than your workout timing.
  • It will consist of 20 seconds of hard workout and 10 seconds of relaxation.

low intensity steady state

If you feel that for some reason you cannot do HIIT, then LISS is an easy option for you. It may take more time to do this but you will see the same result and sweat.

  • Avoid the difficulty of walking fast or walking at a slow speed.
  • Use low speed to keep it stable.
  • Change the incline without using Hill Climb to modify the difficulty.

hill intervals

High Intensity Interval Training

Incorporating hills into your workout can increase your calorie burning capacity. Energizingly walking or running incline can burn more calories per minute. Hills are concentric movement patterns that help in quick weight loss in short intervals and also strengthen our muscles for the strenuous workout ahead.

  • To warm up, start with a slight incline.
  • You can use the vibrating settings on the treadmill or determine your own.
  • Change the incline to maintain a challenging workout.

increasing intervals

A great way to start interval training and work out your potential while burning calories in the process.

  • Begin by selecting a comfortable running speed.
  • Divide your workout into intervals.
  • You use the walking key speed for 60-90 seconds.
  • But increase your running classes each time.
  • You can end running and do heavy jogging.

Enter the Fat Burning Zone

Enter the Fat Burning Zone

While using the treadmill, we should work out in our fat burning zone. it lose weight Will help burn more calories. Calculate the maximum heart rate which is the number of heartbeats per minute and the burn area will be 70% of the heart rate.

  • You can achieve this goal by walking briskly or walking continuously over time.
  • Start slow and increase the intensity steadily.
  • Each treadmill will have sensors to monitor your heart rate.

Treadmills can be seen as boring equipment, but these variations will spice up your cardio section and help you lose weight.

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