Treat the wrinkles of the neck for free sitting at home, the skin will look 10 years younger

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If you have started looking old due to the wrinkles of the neck, then include the yogasana mentioned in this article in the routine.

We take good care of our face but often neglect our neck. Whereas first age starts appearing on the skin of the neck. That’s why today we have brought some yogasanas for you, with the help of which you can control the wrinkles of the neck and look young for 10 years. Yoga Master, Spiritual Guru and Lifestyle Coach, Grand Master Akshar Ji is telling us about these Yogasanas.

As per Akshar Ji, ‘Make self-care a primary part of your lifestyle if you want youthful and glowing looking skin. This includes regular exercise, adequate sleep, a balanced diet and less stress. Without it, our health suffers, due to which the skin develops acne, fine lines and wrinkles etc. Avoid fatty, oily and processed foods, increase water intake to stay hydrated and invest in a good quality sunscreen to protect against sun exposure.

yoga and healthy lifestyle

Yoga can help in attaining the youthful look as it purifies us and frees us from stress and other toxins. Give the body the right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. These nutrients are needed for energy production, growth and cell repair. Depending on the climate we live in and our level of physical activity, we should be consuming at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Yogasanas can purify and stimulate the skin.

Yogasanas and Exercises

1. Halasan

  • To do this, lie down on your back.
  • abdominal muscles Using the torso, raise the legs 90 degrees.
  • Press the palms firmly on the floor and allow the feet to fall behind the head.
  • Allow the middle and lower back to lift off the floor so that the toes touch the floor behind.
  • Try to bring the chest as close to the chin as possible.
  • The palms can support the back.
  • Stay in the posture for some time.


  • it Constipation and stomach disorders removes.
  • Halasana helps in reducing body fat.
  • Organs such as thyroid, kidney, spleen and pancreas are stimulated.
  • It normalizes high blood pressure.

2. Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana for neck wrinkles

  • Begin by lying on your back.
  • Keep the arms by the side of the body.
  • Gently lift the feet off the floor and keep them facing the sky.
  • Slowly lift the pelvis up and back off the floor.
  • Lift the front of the arms off the floor and place the palms on the back for support.
  • Try to get a straight line between the shoulders, torso, pelvis and legs.
  • Try to touch the chin with the chest and focus the attention towards the feet.


  • Sarvangasana offers many benefits of Sirsasana and is easy to do.
  • This asana is suitable for people suffering from stage 1 and stage 2 thyroid problems.
  • It helps in building core strength.
  • It helps in improving the sense of balance.

3. Chakrasana

Chakrasana for neck wrinkles

  • To do this, lie down on your back.
  • Bend the legs at the knees and make sure that the feet are firmly on the floor.
  • Keeping the palms facing the sky, bend the arms at the elbows.
  • Place the palms on the floor on either side of the head.
  • Inhaling, apply pressure to the palms and feet and raise the whole body to form an arch.
  • Relax the neck and allow the head to fall back slowly.


  • The chest expands and the lungs get more oxygen.
  • Reduces stress in the body.
  • The vision sharpens.
  • this seat strengthen the back Helps in and increases the elasticity of the spine.

4. Face Yoga

  • Blow air into the cheeks, hold it in the mouth for a few seconds and release.
  • Repeat this a few times.
  • Exercise for the eyes.
  • Rotating through the pupils of the eyes, looking up and down, etc.

With regular yoga practice, the skin remains tight and free of wrinkles, making us look at least 10 years younger. Immaculate skin can be achieved by adopting a clean and green diet that includes more fruits, salads, natural juices, pulses, and leafy vegetables.

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