Top Five 100+MP Camera Smartphones 2021-22

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Today, most people prior to purchasing a smartphone, check how good the camera is built into the device as, in the digital age. Everyone is required to share photos every day using their social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which could be the main reason. With this in mind that is why we present to your the top 5 cameras with 108MP. phone If you look up the Internet by typing Best Camera Smartphones 2021, you’ll find an extremely long list of which it’s very difficult to enjoy the mobile. We have created the solution to solve that problem. This article of ours needs to be read thoroughly.

If you’re looking to buy an iPhone with the top camera, you could need to shell out 80 000 to one lakh rupees for this and if you buy this kind of expensive phone simply from looking around at top camera phones, they’re definitely at this price. A good DSLR Cameras is also available and you can choose to purchase DSLR only, however not everyone has the cash to shell out millions of rupees on an expensive smartphone.

We have compiled this list of 108MP Camera smartphones that you can choose from that we have included only the top 5 Smartphones . The most important aspect is that you don’t have to spend a lot of dollars to purchase a top camera phone. This list is all of the phones I own, all of those phones are within 25 thousand rupees. You can purchase them as the top Camera smartphones for less than RS. 25,000. Let’s discuss the list in greater details.

Top Five 108 MP Camera Smartphones 2021-22

It is a fact that if a phone has an 108MP camera, it’s not essential to take the top photo since we are discussing the top cameras phone iPhone 13 Pro Max at this moment. It is likely that you have heard that this phone comes with 12MP cameras, but if you are able to see the quality of images that are taken with this phone you’ll be amazed at the speed with which your senses are heightened. Therefore, first you must get rid of the thinking that if you have cameras with more Mega Pixel, then a great photograph can be captured from it.

In this article we’ll tell you about the top room phone within the price range of 25 000 dollars. at this rate, since all of phones have more than one camera and the demand for these phones is current. The reason for this is that the price is so low that you are not in a position to purchase the best Camera Smartphone.

When we have made our list, we haven’t just focused on the camera. There are many aspects to consider when buying a smartphone. this list was compiled with consideration to all aspects like Design, Processor, Battery Life, and so on and more. So, without taking time, we will read the entire information on all the phones.

1. Mi 10i 5G

Mi 10 Top Five 100+MP Camera Smartphones 2021-22

This is a smartphone with 5G and it was launched in January 2021 . It was one of the top mobiles of the moment and many people love it however, some users might dislike its design, due to the camera is included in that it is a design phone, the camera appears to be too big. If this is not taken into consideration its camera’s quality will be impressive, we’ve already seen photos from this phoneand that’s the reason why it’s placed on the top of this list.

We have already provided you with the primary characteristics of this phone However, we will tell you about other aspects. In this phone comes with the 35W power source, which can help you. It allows you to charge your phone quickly and in the camera on this device you can choose from a variety of modes that you can create excellent videos and photos.

Model NameMi 10i 5G
CameraRear Camera (108MP+8MP+2MP+2MP)
Front Camera 16MP In-display
ProcessorSnapdragon 750G
Battery4820 mAh
Internal Storage and RAM6GB RAM/ 128GB Storage
Item Weight215 Gram

This mobile is available from the Amazon Shopping website for a total of 21999 rupees, when you pay using a credit card, then you can purchase this phone at less than this.

2. Motorola Edge 20 Fusion

Motorola Edge 20 Fusion Top Five 100+MP Camera Smartphones 2021-22

If you love smartphones with Clean UI (User Interface) If you do then keep an eye on this phone since it belongs to the Motorola company. Its stock Android is available on this phone. Its greatest benefit is that unlike MIUI as well as Realme UI, it does not show unnecessary advertisements. They are not displayed.

In the phone you will find 13 5G Bands as well as the identical 90Hz refresh rate AMOLED display, you should be aware that smartphones with AMOLED Displays, the Viewing Experience is superb, you can even get Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime on your phone. If you are looking to stream web-based TV shows from Netflix and other streaming services, this phone is the ideal choice for you.

Model NameMOTOROLA Edge 20 Fusion
CameraRear Camera (108MP+8MP+2MP)
Front Camera 32MP
ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 800U
Battery5000 mAh
Internal Storage and RAM8GB RAM/ 128GB Storage
Item Weight185 Gram

To purchase the Best Camera Smartphone, you must visit the Flipkart website . You will buy this phone at a price of the price of Rs 22,999. This phone can also support 5G.

3. Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

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In the present, the market for the Redmi mobile is extremely high on the market due to the fact that it’s a phone company that produces top quality phones at a reasonable cost, which is why many prefer to buy the phones from this brand, the price is Some 19999, however you can buy it at a lower price at the time of offer.

With this phone, you can also create excellent videos and photos since inside this phone is a an 108-megapixel camera, as well as Night Mode 2.0 Vlog Mode Dual Video, Super Macro Camera, Long Exposure Video and Photo Clones Mode. Other great features are included that you can utilize very easily.

Model NameRedmi Note 10 Pro Max
CameraRear Camera (108MP+8MP+5MP+2MP)
Front Camera 16MP In-display
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 732G
Battery5020 mAh
Internal Storage and RAM6GB RAM/ 128GB Storage
Item Weight192 Gram

This phone’s design is created exceptionally well, which is something you’ll definitely appreciate in addition to the fact that we also get an Ultra Smooth 120Hz Refresh Rate within it, so gamers can play with ease.

4. Realme 8 Pro

Realme 8 Pro Top Five 100+MP Camera Smartphones 2021-22

The Realme 8 Pro is an Realme 8 Pro smart phone that lets you view four cameras, of which we’re allowed to use just three cameras. With this phone you can achieve digital zooms as high as 20x. It is also possible to record videos at 60FPS. This can be very helpful in creating slow-mo videos.

In this phone you will get an In-Display Fingerprint Sensor which is typically visible on expensive phones, but not just this but you also get an 50W Super Dart Charger with this phone, which is able to provide power to this phone in an extremely short period of duration. It can fully charge users who feel that there’s only 4500mAh battery in this phone If so, I’d like to inform you that using this super-fast charger you are able to charge your phone in an extremely short period of period of time. Can do full charge.

Model NameRealme 8 Pro
CameraRear Camera (108MP+8MP+2MP+2MP)
Front Camera 16MP
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 720G
Battery4500 mAh
Internal Storage / RAM6GB RAM/ 128GB Storage
Item Weight176 Gram

If you are looking to purchase this phone, you can purchase it from Flipkart and must make a payment of Rs 19999. If you have credit cards, you’ll also receive discounts of 10%.

5. Motorola G60

Motorola G60 Top Five 100+MP Camera Smartphones 2021-22

If you’re looking for an Android phone with an excellent camera and battery it, then you should consider buying this phone as you’re provided with a 6000mAh battery with a 32MP front Selfie camera is included to enable you to capture great photos of yourself. can.

In accordance with the cost at which the phone is sold the processor put in it is considered to be a high-end processor. You can play the games on this phone. The style of the phone is very unique. you might be impressed once you have a look.

Model NameMOTOROLA G60
CameraRear Camera (108MP+8MP+2MP)
Front Camera 32MP
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 732G
Battery6000 mAh
Internal Storage and RAM6GB RAM / 128GB of Storage
Item Weight220 Gram

This is the final smartphone on our list. If you’re looking to purchase this phone, after that , you can purchase it for Rs 16499. to do this, you must utilize the Flipkart website or mobile application from Flipkart and if you hold the ICICI credit card. You will also receive 10 percent discount.

So , friends, we’ve shared with you this piece of ours. Top Five 108-MP Camera Smartphones or the best camera smartphone under RS.25,000 It has been reported about this that you might have enjoyed, and if have any queries about this article and you want to share it with us in the comment box below. according to your opinion that is all people who purchase smartphones. Yes, you are able to forward this article to them.