Top 30 Free Movies Downloading Sites, Movies for free online

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In this article, we will be discussing how to get your hands on free movies online. In the present day, there is a proliferation of movie downloads accessible on the web and it may be confusing for you to arrange which ones are all right for you to download. That’s why we have composed a beneficial guide that comprises of some of our top picks of where one can get great movies online.

1) The Pirate Bay  & Other Torrent Sites:

If you’re a newcomer to downloading music or movies then perhaps torrents might not be best suited for you due their deeply complicated nature. Even so, if you do choose to utilize them then this is your #1 choice at the moment when it comes to usefulness and high amounts of content. There’s a huge number of free stuff to download and there are numerous different kinds of movies. As well as the above, you will find that it is simple to locate torrents for all kinds of new films too, which is always nice when you want fresh content.

2) ExtraTorrent:

ExtraTorrent has been in existence since 2007 and offers a similar service to The Pirate Bay . It provides quick downloads and an option to watch TV series and movies online instead if downloading them isn’t your thing. An important point about this website is that its staff members keep track of the files that have been put up by pirates. This means that once something has been downloaded from one user then nobody else can upload the same file again thus avoiding copyright issues.

3) Putlocker:

Putlocker is another attractive website that gives access to watch free movies online . The site is often used by pirates due to its huge media library of movies and TV shows. It has some great HD content too so you can get the most out of your movie watching experience on this website. I would recommend looking here if you want to find a premium film or maybe even one that’s recently come out in theaters. A novel feature on this site is that all the subtitles are also available for download alongside the video. This means you can sync up these files with what’s playing onscreen if, for example, your default language isn’t English (the spoken language in which the file was released).

Watch the movie on Putlocker and download subtitles .


4) Yify:

YIFY is a release group that specializes in releasing BDRips, BRRips, DVDScr’s and they even have some HQ TS releases too. A lot of these files are made available on YIFY’s website where they provide a multitude of movies for free download. Their content is always very high quality which makes them a marvelous choice if you’re searching out a specific film. They also give their own torrents away but this is something I would only recommend doing once you’ve done your research about how to use BitTorrent properly. After all, it could be costly! In the event that you’d rather watch online then there is an alternative. YIFY additionally has its own streaming website that will play full HD content in your browser (though this won’t work if you’re using a mobile device).

5) SolarMovie:

Top 30 Free Movies Downloading Sites, Movies for free online

This is another free movie torrent index where you can download all sorts of different types of entertainment for free. If you’re after the latest Hollywood blockbusters then I’d highly recommend checking this site out as it frequently offers leading titles only a few hours after they have been released to the big screen . It also hosts a ton of old classics and documentaries too so there’s something here for everybody. Since the matter was started, TorrentFreak included SolarMovie on their Top 10 list of best BitTorrent sites which is great affirmation from them!

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6) is a totally free website where one can find subtitles for movies . Subtitles are very important for individuals who don’t understand the language in which the film was produced. They allow you to comprehend precisely what’s being said onscreen and make things all the more pleasurable when you’re watching your preferred shows or motion pictures. You can download any of these subtitles directly from this site, it doesn’t matter if the movie is still playing away at theaters worldwide or maybe it’s decades old, OpenSubtitles has them all.

7) YTS – YIFY Movies Torrents:

This is another great torrent index with plenty of high quality content to choose from. YTS (or YIFY Movies Torrents) is basically an online source for movies that facilitates downloading the media via BitTorrent. The website has been around since 2014 and it’s constantly updated with brand new content. You can find all sorts of different titles here, everything from Hollywood blockbusters to Bollywood films too! Like different torrent sites, this site gives you access to movie subtitles if they are available.

8) EZTV:

EZTV is one of the best places to download TV shows . This website has a lot of material that isn’t readily available on other websites. They also have their own Android app which makes streaming content easier than ever before! So if you’re prepared to spend some time looking through all of their stuff then I’d highly recommend giving this site a glance.

9) ProjectFreeTV:

Project Free TV is another website that you can download movies from. The main difference here, however, is that the content is mostly targeted at those who are searching for free classic content . This includes shows and films which are decades old now but since they’re “public domain” anything released before 2005 or so can be found on here. There’s quite a lot to choose from on this website too, including several old Superman depictions as well as different Charlie Chaplin movies!

10) Icefilms:

Icefilms has been around for many years now and it’s currently amongst the world’s most popular BitTorrent search engines. The site lets you watch movies online. No matter if they’re free or not, Icefilms will help you find what you are looking for! There are different kinds of movies on this website, from motion pictures that were recently released to classic old-time movies that have been popular several decades ago.

11) Einthusan:

Einthusan is another great site for downloading Indian cinema . As the name suggests, all sorts of Bollywood hits can be found here along with a healthy collection of South Indian films too. You can download any movie directly onto your computer by using their magnet link service which makes things effortless. It’s also worth mentioning that Einthusan has one of the most organized collections of Hindi-language movies that I’ve ever seen, a lot of other sites out there don’t even come close!

12) MoviesPlanet:

MoviesPlanet is a relatively newcomer in the torrent scene, at least when compared to different websites which have been around for an extended period. The thing that makes this website stand out from others is its extraordinary selection of mainstream and indie titles . If you want to find good movies , then this site could be the best one around! You can also download subtitles whenever they are available.

13) Hollywood Torrents:

Hollywood Torrents has been online since 2009 and it’s been working hard ever since to bring people high-quality content . This includes Bollywood films, short films, cartoons and even documentaries too. The website also has a unique platform for finding users which like to watch the same type of movies as you do. This is done through the “People Watching” section and it can be quite interesting to interact with other users this way.

14) YIFY Torrents:

YIFY Torrents is another good place where you can download movies in high quality . All you need to do is head over to the site and then use their search engine if you’re looking for something specific, or just browse around until something catches your eye! The best part about YTS (or YIFY Torrents) is that all movies are sorted into various categories by different genres making them easy-to-find. You will be able to find some great gems on this website, you just need to look around for a bit first.

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15) RARBG:

Top 30 Free Movies Downloading Sites, Movies for free online

RARGB is another pretty good movie torrent site . This platform has everything that most people are looking for in an online movie resource. You can find Hollywood releases, Bollywood movies and cartoons here as well. The variety of content available on Rarbg is amazing , it’s really hard to run out of things to watch! There are currently over 500,000 people sharing files via the peer-to-peer platform so finding content shouldn’t be much of a problem. Plus it’s also worth mentioning that this website doesn’t have any advertisements at all!

16) Public:

PublicHD is one of the newest additions to this list. Other than movies, you can also download all kinds of TV-shows here which makes it a pretty good alternative for ‘The Pirate Bay’ . You can find one or two new releases each week on PublicHD, but most of what’s available are B-movies and rather old titles. That being said, if you’re looking to watch some really obscure films then this is probably your best option!

17) SumoTorrent:

SumoTorrent has been around for many years now and it’s become quite popular amongst BitTorrent users throughout that time due to its impressively wide range of content. The website has everything, from Hollywood blockbusters to Russian thrillers and even Bollywood films can be found here ! It’s also worth mentioning that SumoTorrent is a fully legit platform and there are no fake files or spammy pop-ups to worry about.

18) iDope:

As the name suggests, iDope has all sorts of dope content which can be downloaded easily . This includes Hollywood movies , Bollywood films and even Russian TV shows . The website design is excellent and it will definitely give you what you’ve been looking for in a movie torrent site. With hundreds of thousands of monthly active users , iDope is certainly worth checking out!

19) was launched as an alternative to YIFY Torrents, even though the latter site still exists at this point. is a website which lists all the movies that are currently being seeded using the same platform as YIFY used to use . All you have to do if find the right movie and then download it straight away! You can even sort content by various categories or date, giving you an easier way of finding what you’re looking for.

20) Popcorn Time:

Yet another addition to this list, Popcorn Time has grown into something pretty big over recent years . With almost ten million users monthly , it’s one of the biggest sources for watching movies online. This particular platform uses BitTorrent under-the-hood so downloading content shouldn’t be much of a problem . You can also watch brand new Hollywood releases using this method which makes Popcorn Time pretty special in its own way!


DVDRIP is also another good source for watching movies online. The website has all kinds of free content which can be viewed easily . Some streaming servers are shut down every now and then, but it’s still worth checking out anyway. What separates this movie torrent site from the competition is that DVDRIP provides external video players when you open up a file – no more need to download codecs or players just to watch a single movie!


This is the official alternative to YTS/YIFY Torrents which closed down recently because it was targeted by copyright holders for some reason. This torrent website is basically a clone of but it uses another domain name to avoid getting into legal trouble. Most people will find what they’re looking for here due to the sheer number of daily visitors and monthly active users which both exceed half a million individuals!

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23) GoMovies:

GoMovies is yet another movie torrent site with tons of great content available . The site has an official Twitter account (and it’s really good at tweeting when new movies become available), so that should give you some idea about how much traffic this platform gets on a day-to-day basis. With over 100,000 downloads each month, there are many satisfied customers using this service already!

24) RARBG:

RARBG is also quite popular, seeing how it has over 900,000 users monthly. The website is very easy to use and it will help you find all kinds of content without any issues whatsoever . What’s more, the overall design isn’t intrusive so you won’t have to deal with annoying ads or pop-ups. RARBG was also one of the first movie torrent sites to support 4K UHD movies which makes this platform even better!

25) EZTV:

Top 30 Free Movies Downloading Sites, Movies for free online

EZTV is not your average torrent site because it actually lists TV show content instead of films. This particular service doesn’t require much free space on your computer because the video files are fairly small in size (around 100MB). Whether you’re looking for a new show to watch or an older series, EZTV can deliver. There are many other channels available as well, so make sure to check it out!

26) TorLock:

TorLock is a movie torrent site which should be able to give you everything you’re looking for in this regard . The platform itself only lists verified torrents , resulting in virtually no fake files being part of the overall package. Movies are also sorted into various categories and browsing through them should be quick and easy . You can download anything within minutes without any restrictions whatsoever!

27) Sky Torrents:

Sky Torrents is another good alternative when it comes to finding movies online. Even though the website looks somewhat outdated, there’s no doubt that this service is a great choice. Sky Torrents uses a custom peer-to-peer file sharing network which makes it very reliable . With more than 1,000 users online on a daily basis, this movie torrent site can deliver what you’re looking for.

28) BitSnoop:

BitSnoop is the latest addition to our list of the best sources for watching movies online. This website allows you to search its database with ease and find new content without too much hassle . There are many different filters available as well – you’ll need them if you want to stream specific files or TV shows from here! The platform’s popularity might be limited but it still proves how good it really is at delivering videos.

29) FreakTorrent:

FreakTorrent is a relatively new torrent site which indexes all kinds of content. This includes TV show episodes, movies and even games (on separate sections). The website is quite basic in terms of design but we doubt that most users will find any issues with it. FreakTorrent doesn’t list that much content when compared to other platforms but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

30) 1337x:

Another popular torrent site, 1337x has been around for more than a decade . It lists verified torrents only and the overall quality is pretty high. You can use filters to find specific files or download batches containing multiple items in one go. Since there are plenty of good alternatives out there, we do not recommend using 1337x.

Disclaimer does not intend to encourage or support the practice of piracy or encourage piracy in any manner. Piracy is a crime , and it is an offence according to the Copyright Act of 1957. This page’s goal is to educate the public of the dangers of piracy and to encourage them to stay away from such actions. We ask you to not to support or engage in any kind of piracy. We have repeatedly reminded you that downloading films and live streaming on pirate websites could cause problems for you. This is the reason we recommend that you beware of websites that promote piracy. Legal websites such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are the only way to stream films.