Tom Holland unveils ’70s-inspired haircut for his new drama The Crowded Room

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Tom Holland launched a new hairstyle earlier this week. Now she sports a fringe.

A photo of his new look went viral after a fan caught the actor working on the set of his latest project.

Regardless, fans are split over her new look. While some fans liked her style, others were not impressed with her haircut. But many of the fans missed her original, beautifully styled wavy hair.

Here’s everyone you need to know.

Tom Holland unveiled a new hairstyle for his upcoming project

The curls in Tom Holland’s hair are slowly getting longer.

While promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home and Uncharted, fans noticed that his hair is longer than he normally prefers.

Her unasked questions were soon answered when it became clear that her new hairstyle wasn’t entirely her personal choice.

The reason behind Holland’s new Mick Jagger-esque hairstyle stems from his new movie, which is reportedly set in the 1970s.

The Spider-Man actor was spotted on the set of the new drama series The Crowded Room. She had long, wavy hair that fell to her shoulders.

She was photographed wearing a brown sweater and paired them with a pair of jeans. Regardless, he didn’t forget to flash his giant, stupid smile for the camera before returning to filming The Crowded Room.

The photos caused a stir on the internet, with some users supporting the new look while others mocking the actress.

Fans react to Tom Holland’s new ’70s-inspired haircut

Many fans believe that Tom Holland rocked his new bob hairstyle with layers and light fringes.

They showered the 25-year-old actress with compliments. As a result, they praised her ability to transition into her new character so quickly.

However, some fans still couldn’t get over the actor’s new hairstyle.

A Twitter user named @Tabrislabrys tweeted, ‘Someone please tie Tom Holland to a chair and cut his goddamn hair’.

Similarly, some fans showed the same feelings of disagreement. Few fans called his new look ‘ugly’.

Some followers have compared her new look to Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the 2019 hit movie Joker.

There was a user who compared Holland to Lord Farquaad, the enemy of the animated series Shrek.

Holland will be seen in the lead role in the upcoming drama series The Crowded Room. The show will be available to stream on Apple TV Plus.


Tom Holland unveils 70s inspired haircut for his new drama The Tom Holland unveils '70s-inspired haircut for his new drama The Crowded Room

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