To keep the house cool in summer, apply these Green Plant Curtains

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If you want to keep your house cool without AC or cooler, then you can make curtains of plants and put them.

In summer, people often like to sit in front of AC or cooler. But AC is so expensive that not everyone can buy it. That’s why some people have to run the work with the fan itself. But a fan is an appliance that does not cool you and your home from within. Due to which whenever the sun comes out, the whole house gets hot and fire comes out from the walls of the house.

If your house is also hot but you want to keep the house cool without using AC, then you can make curtains of plants and install them. Yes, you can hang plant curtains on the doors of the house or on the windowsill. Let us tell you that curtains made of plants will not only work to keep your house cool but will also work to give fresh air to your house.

vine plant

You can cover your house with a vine plant to keep your house cool or protect it from the sun. Because vine plant Not only will it work to protect your home from the sun, but it will also work to make your house cool. You can plant it one by one on the doors or windows of your house. You can easily plant this plant at home or you can buy vine plants from outside and use them as curtains.

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cucumber plant

Cucumber plant curtians in hindi

Apart from the vine plant, you can also use cucumber or cucumber plant as curtains. Because it will not only make your home look beautiful but your house will also be cool. You can use curtains on the roof or on the part of the house from where the most sunlight comes inside the house. To you cucumber vine It will be easily available in the market but it is better that you grow its plant at home. Because it is not only easy to install it at home but it will also cost you cheap.

morning glory plant

What is green curtains in hindi

Morning glory plant is very beautiful. Its leaves are of large blue colored flowers and heart shaped leaves. This plant not only works to enhance the beauty of your home but will also work to keep your house cool. You can decorate its plants in the corners of the house or you can also hang the vine of morning glory plant on the windows of the house. You can also make its curtains and hang them in any corner of the house.

pothos plant

pothos plant curtains

You can make a curtain of pothos plant in your living room. Because it is a low light houseplant, it can grow easily in low light. Let us tell you that you will find many types of species in pothos, but you can easily hang the pothos vine on the window or gate of your room. ,Plant plants in mason jar like this,

Pothos curtains will not only enhance the beauty of your living room but will also provide fresh air to the house. At the same time, it will also make your house cooler but for this you will have to spray water regularly in the plants.

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