Tips and Hacks to Prevent Water Leakage from Filters

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If water is leaking from your filter, then the tips and tricks mentioned in this article may come in handy.

When you and I clean the kitchen and the tap is dripping water, we can easily fix it. But when water is dripping from the filter, do not correct it. Many times due to laziness or does not come to fix it, because of this also they do not fix it. Because of this, water keeps dripping from the filter throughout the day. Sometimes the tap of the filter also gets blocked and water starts leaking more from the filter.

In such a situation, if something similar happens to you, then now you do not need to call a plumber and there is no need to make more bills. Because, in this article we are going to tell you some tips and hacks that can be followed to fix the problem of water dripping from the filter. Let’s know.

do this first

To fix any filter, first check why water is leaking from its tap. Generally, there can be two reasons for water leaking from the filter. First that the tap is broken or second that the joint of the filter tap has become loose. In this case, if the filter tap is broken, you may need to replace it. If it is leaking then you can easily fix it.

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use waterproof tape

how to fix water leaking from filter spout inside

If water is leaking from the filter joint, you can easily fix it using waterproof tape. You can easily find this tape at any electronics store. Before using it, dry the leaking area well and wrap the tape by covering that area well with waterproof tape. After this tighten the tap again by putting it in the filter. ,fix washing machine leakage,

What to do if it leaks from the joint?

It is often seen that water leaks from any joint. Be it the kitchen tap or the name of the filter, water usually starts leaking from both these places. In such a situation, if water is leaking from the joint, then you can use thread to fix it. For this, first lose the tap from the filter and keep it in the sun for some time. Now wrap the thread well in the bangles of the tap and tighten it again by putting it in the filter. ,stainless steel sink cleaning,

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use cover

how to fix water leaking from filter spout inside

If strong water is not dripping from the filter, you can use a faucet cover to fix that problem. Let us tell you that it is used to stop the water dripping from the filter. If it is not already present in the filter, then you can also buy it from the market. Easily available for Rs 5-10. Looking at the picture below, you can also understand what is being mentioned.

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