TikTok: ‘defying the suspension’ Trending and Viral Video Discovered

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These days, Tiktok is throwing some mind-blowing trends to try the way the “struggle with suspension” has gone viral. TikTok has literally expanded its range over the years, and now you can literally watch whatever becomes a trend or a challenge. Although it is dangerous to try some of them. Still, some sound surprising and shocking to try. So what’s so trending about this “suspension challenge” on TikTok?

Read on to learn more about the “hanger struggle” with TikTok going viral.

The hanger challenge goes viral on TikTok

You may have seen various challenges and trends in TikTok until today. Recipes, dance moves, filters, etc. But the difference in this hanger challenge will surely surprise you. This new trend is actually about a video on TikTok that went viral using a coat hanger.

What surprises everyone in the viral trend is that the person in the video wears the suspender like a hat on his head. The head of the person wearing the sling involuntarily moves sideways to the left or right. So the movement created a curiosity in everyone as to why this happened.

The science behind head movement in viral ‘hanger challenge’

Well, unlike other trends, this hanger challenge actually gets a lot of attention and shocks everyone. The head movement in this challenge is the most interesting part. The science behind this move will make things clearer for all of you.

According to a Japanese study, the rationale behind this involuntary movement of the head is the pressure exerted by the suspension on the unilateral fronto-temporal part of the brain. So there is definitely a logical reason why the move occurred.

Users’ reaction to the “hanging challenge” on TikTok

This hanger challenge literally took everyone by surprise with the videos getting millions of views. Many users have tried this trend out of surprise. They even witness an involuntary head movement while trying it. This got them all curious about the trend.

Not only that, users loved the trend and passed this challenge on to each other on TikTok. Moreover, this trend actually came back in 2020, and it’s back again this year to surprise everyone.

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TikTok defying the suspension Trending and Viral Video Discovered TikTok: 'defying the suspension' Trending and Viral Video Discovered

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