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Tiffany is Trump’s special occasion daughter


Tiffany is Trump’s special occasion daughter

Born from the marriage of the President of the United States to actress Marla Maples, he attended the Republican Convention despite having the least media coverage of his family.

Donald Trump’s actress Marla Maples and her daughter Tiffany Trump only appear on the public stage when her father requests it. During election campaigns and on special occasions, the 26-year-old actress is always on the side of the President of the United States to demonstrate the united family necessary to win the Republican votes. Next November, the country is celebrating its presidential election, and during the Republican Congress, his wife Melania Trump, third son Eric Trump and even Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Trump spoke in favor of the real estate magnate. Guilfoyle Tiffany Trump’s attendance could not miss such a special occasion when her father played for a second term.

Wearing a light blue suit combined with a silver-embroidered shirt and nude heels, Tiffany Trump was candid in her speech of support for her father. “My father is the only one who has challenged the established power, bureaucracy, drug and media monopolies to defend constitutional freedoms, justice and truth. He does not hide from difficulties, ”said Tiffany Trump about her father in a speech that was not without controversy, typical in the family, which she wanted to appeal to young people. As a recent graduate, I feel very connected to many of you job seekers,” he commented, referring to his law degree from the prestigious Georgetown University – the center where his two half-brothers studied, Felipe VI, or actor Bradley Cooper, among other well-known personalities. “It’s something that has been criticized on social networks since he came from an American family. My father once ran a prosperous economy and he will do it again.”

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The young woman graduated via videoconference last May due to the coronavirus crisis. Congrats from his paternal family were a rare and belated thing. Donald Trump congratulated her via Twitter four days later: “Congratulations to my daughter Tiffany for graduating from Georgetown Law School. Big student, big center. I just need a lawyer in the family. I’m so proud of you, Tiff. ” So far, Tiffany has kept a very low profile and has always been overshadowed by the president’s favorite daughter, Ivanka Trump. While the White House has tried to deny the distanced relationship between father and daughter, it’s clear the new graduate has kept her distance since the 2016 election. During her argument, cameras recorded how her father walked away from her when he tried to kiss her in public, on days marked as her father’s birthday on social media, June 14.

A closer relationship with her mother, who posted a video celebrating her graduation with great emotion: “We can’t celebrate it as you deserve, but your dedication to learning, growing, being the smartest person, doing it. And having an impact on humanity means a lot and I am so grateful Donald Trump and Marla Maples divorced in 1999 and the actress moved with her daughter to California, while the little girl’s paternal family remained in New York. During an interview on the 2005 Howard Stern radio show.

He spent the last three years in Washington after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania to study sociology in law and society. But he rarely looked outside the White House. She did it at some events like last Christmas to introduce her boyfriend, Lebanese billionaire Michael Charbel Boulos, who likes the Trump family. The couple met at the Lindsay Lohan club on the island of Mykonos in Greece in the summer of 2018 and have been in a long-distance relationship since then, as she studied in London. A groom who, like his friend, is not afraid to congratulate the president on his Instagram account. “Happy birthday sir. Keep making America great,” the young man wrote last year. A message of support to Trump that contradicts his latest broadcast: US ‘in the death of a black man arrested by police in Minneapolis (Minnesota)’ A black image with the hashtag #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd on the occasion of the racist demonstrations in .

He always stays free and marks distances with his father and stepbrothers. “My feet have always been on the ground. People don’t believe it because I am me, but I was raised by my family on many principles. I want an opportunity to grow up and be just Tiffany, not Tiffany Trump,” she told Oprah Winfrey, just 17. After her intervention demanding a vote for her father , Tiffany Trump seems to be getting closer and closer to the circle in which she initially seemed to want to escape, or quite simply, that she has not been brought in until now.

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